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    Coastal Trail

    Does anyone know if the snow is off of the Coastal Trail from Westchester Lagoon and going south?
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    River boat "cabin" set up

    I've been off the forum for awhile for various reasons, but had some free time this week to start poking around again and thinking about what we're going to do this summer. I'm looking for ideas to make or boat work better for seating/storage/functionality. We have the classic set up of 2...
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    Pruning tomatoes?'s happening...AGAIN.....the tomatoes are taking over the greenhouse. I keep saying I'm going to try it, but I'm afraid to. What do you think about topping an indeterminate tomatoe plant? I was thinking it may start to bush more instead of growing taller if you top it. If I top...
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    Question about asparagus

    We planted some crowns about 4 years ago. We get 2-3 spears per crown each year and that's it. This year, I gave in and cut 3 spears for the first time. One of them I cut was the only spear on the crown. I thought maybe by doing so, I would invite new growth, but so far it's not working...
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    Another tomato question

    So we've been growing tomotoes for a few years now (in a greenhouse). We start them inside, then transplant to the greenhouse. So far, they have ALWAYS been "leggy"...even the determinate type. We have yet to get nice bushy plants and they always need extensive support....again...even the...
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    I need to get a raft for this summer and am looking at the Gary King Tender series. The boat show has what I think is a decent price on them. The reason I'm looking at the tender series is that the 8'10" model only weighs 50 pounds and has a capacity of 900+ lbs. Can't go much longer than the...
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    Coupla questions

    Just started reloading last spring and have had pretty good luck so far, but have a couple of questions I'm sure someone here can answer. I have a few of the "One Book/One Caliber" manuals that list several manufacturers load data. It also lists data published by the powder manufacturers. An...
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    Another potatoe question

    Never had this before, but this year, everyone I know had little tomato looking things growing towards the top of their potatoe plants. What are they...seeds? Can you dry them and plant them next spring?
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    What happened on the Yukon?

    Saw in the paper where a boat flipped 50 miles out of Tanana. 3 in the boat, 1 missing...Anyone know what happened?
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    Newb question

    I'm just getting started in this whole reloading thing and have a few questions, but I'll only ask one for now...Is it a reasonable practice to use a different bullet to work up a load instead of the actual bullet you will use for the final product? For example, can I expect the performance...
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    Greenhouse heat

    Our first partial summer with our greenhouse gave us mixed results. I think our disappointment is due mostly to our late start as well as low temperatures this summer. For those of you using artificial heat, did you use it alot this summer? I only had 2 days that were over 85 degrees inside...
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    Greenhouse, Tomatoes, and temps.

    My wife and I built a greenhouse this spring (still in the process really) and put some tomato plants in it. The plants were tall and spindly while they were in the house (lack of light I'm told). Well, now they're nice and bushy, but are only now starting to show the starts of a few flowers...
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    Tomato Question

    My wife and I planted some tomato plants into large containers a little prematurely. I was in the progress of building a greenhouse and promised her I'd get it done...2 weekends ago! Well, one of our Early Girl plants is getting extremely long and lanky and is unable to support itself already...
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    Anyone set a line for burbot this time of year? I've heard of people setting a line through the ice, but never really heard of it happening during the summer/fall. I was thinking of using 2 large weights with the line of hooks between them and then just tying line off to a tree or stump. Is...
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    Frozen Hooligan

    I froze some hooligan with the intention of using it for bait. I put them in a zip-loc whole and put them in the freezer. In addition to those fish, I removed the head and gutted some others and smoked them. Well....they came out of the smoker pretty good and now I'm wishing I had gutted some...
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    Ice Fishing Etiquette

    I'd like to try some ice fishing next weekend, but don't have an auger. Is it cool to use a previously drilled hole? I have a "digger bar" I use for dirt work and think it may be easier to chip through a previously drilled hole that may not be frozen back yet, instead of chippping through new...
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    Fishing Coghill

    Am curious about fishing Coghill for reds. Went out to the trail head for Coghill Lake this fall for the first time. I've heard there is a good red run there. How is it fished? Do you anchor and hike up the river? Do you fish around the mouth from the boat? What goes on there when the fish...

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