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  1. Daveintheburbs

    Smaller Travel Trailer.

    do they still make smaller 5th wheels? seems like they only come in huge.
  2. Daveintheburbs

    2023 Hunting Draw Results. Smiling or groaning?

    Ah yes, the night before passover.
  3. Daveintheburbs

    Anyone heard from Griz lately?

    Ditto, sad news.
  4. Daveintheburbs

    Tikka experience

    Love mine! My go to rifle since they came out. Note that all T-3s are long action, even if in a short action caliber. So going short saves no weight. Lots in archives.
  5. Daveintheburbs

    Water filters and when to replace

    Bleach! small, simple. Got to get used to the taste though.
  6. Daveintheburbs

    Rear Ghost-Ring Revolver Sights.....

    Thanks! As soon as I saw them on your other post I started googling.
  7. Daveintheburbs

    Unguided caribou hunt

    Hunting the 40 mile herd with 40mile Air out of Tok is a good hunt. I'm pretty sure you are late to book for this year, but google them and call.
  8. Daveintheburbs

    Great Northern Guns

    GNG is up and running.
  9. Daveintheburbs

    Inflatable Boat for Small Lake Fishing

    Might try to find a Folboat on e bay or craig's list. Used mine a lot and the bigger models are very stable. Have not made them in a while.
  10. Daveintheburbs

    Info needed for Ammo Smith of Alaska .45 Colt loading?

    He was a staple of the gunshow regulars for years. I shot a bunch of his stuff in multiple calibers with no issues. While the concern for shooting in an antique is valid, any modern firearm should be fine.
  11. Daveintheburbs

    Looking for .240 Weatherby Dies

    If you are interested in selling a set shoot me a PM. And I know my timing is horrible.
  12. Daveintheburbs

    Mouth of the Susitna and upstream conditions

    Hello all, As the days get longer the wheels are turning. This summer I am contemplating running my boat across from Anchorage on the rising tide to the mouth of the Susitna for a fishing/ camping expedition. Does anyone know how far upstream you need to go to avoid being trapped by the mud...
  13. Daveintheburbs

    Evidence of Sex

    Here is how my method works out. Just leave a section of the skinned out penis attached when you fillet out the hindquarter.
  14. Daveintheburbs

    Using a crony with a muzzle loader

    hello all. Any suggestions on how to do this with out screwing up my crony? Saran wrap over the sensors?
  15. Daveintheburbs

    How to measure fuel level in an oil drum?

    I'm a big fan of our public use cabins. One issue I run into with most of ones that use oil fuel is figuring out how much fuel is in the oil drum. Seems that it is popular to put a 90 degree elbow on the bung which does not allow putting a stick in to dip. I have tried putting a sinker on a...
  16. Daveintheburbs

    Powering a 26' Aluminum boat

    I have always been a believer that you can not have too much power on a boat. Its better to have it and not need it than to want int and not have it. That being said there are financial and other considerations. My question is what is a reasonable size for twin engines on a 26 foot aluminum...
  17. Daveintheburbs

    Saying Goodbye....

    Had to put our 15+ year old Beagle, Chuck, Down May 28th. Not much of a rabbit dog,,but practically raised my youngest. He went down hill fast at the end, but still heart breaking. Thanks for inviting me to post.
  18. Daveintheburbs

    How Big is This Moose? (judging antler spread)

    here is one from a while ago
  19. Daveintheburbs

    Can you use NMEA 2000 and NMEA 0183 simultaneously?

    I'm putting in a new Garmin depth finder/plotter/gps unit. I'm taking advantage of the install to put in an NMEA 2000 back bone to transmi9t engine data. However, my VHF only receives GPS information via NMEA 0183. The Garmin unit has a way to hook up both data streams. Will it actually send...

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