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  1. Mountain Man Jack

    Shooting broadheads in Anchorage

    Can anyone recommend a place in Anchorage to practice with broadheads. I'm good to 20 yards and now I need to step out my game to 30, 40 and 50 yards. I do have a target, just looking for suitable location. Thx
  2. Mountain Man Jack

    Need gunsmith good with 10/22

    I need a reference to a gunsmith good with 10/22s. Mine jams and misfires every 5 shots. Cleaned it good, changed to good ammo, tried different magazine and no luck. Gun only has maybe 200 rounds through it total.
  3. Mountain Man Jack

    Free 55 Gal. Drum

    I've got a 55 Gallon drum sitting in my yard that has a lid and hole cut already. I ended up using plastic drums because I have to hike in a few miles and didn't want to pack in a steel drum. The wife wants it gone. I'm in Anchorage down by Huffman. Give me a call or text if you want it. Jeff...
  4. Mountain Man Jack

    AR Freezing

    My buddy has a colt AR platform that is having some freezing problems. The heat generated from firing it once is enough to condense any moisture and freeze up the bolt. Anybody out there with an AR that has a remedy for this?
  5. Mountain Man Jack

    Kodiak Deer Numbers

    Does anyone have any word on how the deer numbers are looking on the Northern half of Kodiak (Primarily Uyak to Uganik area)?
  6. Mountain Man Jack

    Black Bear Heart/Liver

    Does anyone salvage these parts on a black bear. I normally get liverwurst made out of the ungulates I kill but was wondering about the quality of a bear liver and heart. I'd image they are pretty similar to a caribou, etc., especially in the spring. I guess its edible if you just treat it like...
  7. Mountain Man Jack

    2012 Preparation Has Begun

    Well, I started compiling my bait for next season. Already have a couple loaves of partially molding bread. Once Thanksgiving rolls around, Grandma will make her usual 30 pies of which only 5 get eaten. Some get donated to friends, some get donated to black, furry friends. Im going to try my...
  8. Mountain Man Jack

    Anyone want a squirrel

    I had to trap a squirrel today that was moving into my house. The fur and everything is in tact. Not sure if anyone on here collects tails. Send me a PM if anyone wants it. I'll throw it in the freez for now.
  9. Mountain Man Jack

    Getting Hits while raining

    The forecast looks pretty grim this weekend for Unit 7 and was just wondering what the concensus is for getting hits while its raining. Last year I didnt see squat while it was raining. It probably cuts down the scent real good. Dont really want to waste the time and gas if its a downpour.
  10. Mountain Man Jack

    Registered Hunting Guide Locations

    Does anyone know of a resource that shows where all the sheep hunting guide lease limits are for the Alaska Range? I'm just looking for boundaries pretty much.
  11. Mountain Man Jack

    Baiting Solo

    Anyone on here bait solo? My buddy bailed on me at the last minute and the wife is all concerned about me going out to set up my station by myself.
  12. Mountain Man Jack

    Mouse Squeaker Strikes Again

    Went out on Sunday to do a little calling. After hiking back I called for about 15-20 minutes with my lil' dog, but nothing showed up. I pulled out the mouse squeaker from the dog toy and within about two minutes a coyote came out of the brush and trotted right towards me. He came within about...
  13. Mountain Man Jack

    Coyote Meat

    I recently just shot a coyote and am really considering trying the meat. I've always lived by the rule that I should eat what I shoot, but am kind of hesitant in this case. Has anyone had the opportunity to give it a try, and if so how was it? How did you prepare it? I suppose if it tastes...
  14. Mountain Man Jack

    First Coyote!!!

    What a rush. I went out this morning at first light. After about 1/2 mile walk I started seeing both rabbit and coyote tracks. I nustled against an old dead tree and started blaring on my Primos Lil'dog open reed hand call. I also brought the squeaker out of my dogs toy and took the reed out of...
  15. Mountain Man Jack

    Partners First Bear

    My hunting partner connected on his first black bear on Saturday! We hiked into my bait stand to find that it had been ravaged. I check the game cam and found that it was one bear that sat there and ate about 45 gallons of sugary popcorn for 3 days straight. The bear had been there about an hour...
  16. Mountain Man Jack

    Sugar and Bear Tooth Decay

    I was just thinking about the bears that come back year after year and feed on one's (or many folk's) sugary bait. This could cause havoc on their teeth, resulting is a shorter lifespan potentially. So over time, you get bears with rotten teeth who can't eat their normal diets and look for the...
  17. Mountain Man Jack

    Ampac sl-100

    I just aquired an AMPAC inflatable boat similar to a zodiac and can't find any information on it. Its about 10-12 ft. long and is rated for 15 HP max and 1100 lbs. It doesn't have an outboard, so I am looking into what would be the best setup for it. I've never owned a boat like this so I don't...
  18. Mountain Man Jack

    Snow Depth

    Went out last weekend to put my barrel in location and there is still a good 4-5' of snow depth. It was a chore hiking in 2.5 miles and sinking to my waist at times. The temperatures are just above freezing as of now, so I was thinking of waiting another 3 weeks or so to bring bait out (~4/24)...
  19. Mountain Man Jack

    Swanson/Canoe Lakes Canoe Trip???

    We're looking to do a 2.5 day canoe trip, about 7 hours of mild paddling for 2 days and would like to do it around the Swanson river. We would like to put in at one spot and get out at another. Does anyone have a good suggestion for this type of trip in this area?
  20. Mountain Man Jack

    Pics of bears taken over bait

    Does anyone have some pics to share of the actual bears you took over bait? I appreciate all of the pics of bears munching away, but some proud hunters with their game would be cool.