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  1. Doug from Anchorage

    Go Buckeyes!

    Wanted them to win, but man, did not expect that score. Hope they stay put for next year.
  2. Doug from Anchorage

    "The interview" movie cancelled

    Looks like terror threats can force our hand:upset: What a shame.
  3. Doug from Anchorage

    Open Container

    Is it illegal for passengers in the "home" part of the RV to possess an open container:question:
  4. Doug from Anchorage

    Seeking Low Voltage Expertice Advice

    Will two 6V deep-cycles rated at 220 AH wired in series give you more AH's than two 12V deep-cycles rated at 110 AH wired in parallel:question:
  5. Doug from Anchorage

    2 Strokes

    Are they alowed anywhere on the Kenai lake/river drainage? Pardon my ignorance. A guy in the office said they were allowed up to a certain HP. I thought they were prohibited from a law passed a few years back.:question:
  6. Doug from Anchorage

    Happy Thanksgiving All

    Another year to count the blessings we have! For those who watch the games, they are on free air @ 8:30 CBS, 12:30 FOX and 4:30 NBC. I don't have cable, so this is one of the blessing I am thankful for, besides the health and love of family. You guys have a great holiday and long live the forums!
  7. Doug from Anchorage

    Air Show

    Whose all going? I'm taking the grandkids for the first time. Should be a hoot.
  8. Doug from Anchorage

    Going to Tavel the Denali Highway This week

    I was hoping to catch a grayling since I never have. All I have is a small spinning reel and some tiny mepps spinners. Will this do? Any advice on good bodies of water to find them would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. Doug from Anchorage

    Living In the Wild

    Anyone hear about the wingnut that says he's going to Latouche Island and stay for one year without any provisions? I read about it somewhere but barely remember any details.
  10. Doug from Anchorage

    Death of a Co-worker

    Just seeing if any of you have experienced this and how it played out. I work in a large office building where a very friendly, outgoing worker unexpectantly died over the weekend. The details are not known as requested by the family. There are many people in the work place who were friends with...
  11. Doug from Anchorage

    Whose Gonna Take It All?

    Make yer pick. Bragging rights to the winners!
  12. Doug from Anchorage

    Whose Gonna Beat the Packers?

    I'm rooting for Baltimore! What say you? Your chance to claim bragging rights if you're correct.
  13. Doug from Anchorage

    Our Nation is Occupied by Losers

    Am I missing something, or are our cities being subjected to wasteful demonstrations by losers claiming to be 99% of society? Someone explain it to me, I really can't get my mind wrapped around what these people expect to happen from all of this drama. Is this some sort of overspray from the...
  14. Doug from Anchorage

    Lucky Guys

    News Flash: "Two men from Sterling were rescued after their skiff lost power in rough waters in Cook Inlet. The Peninsula Clarion says the men were stranded in a 26-foot skiff for almost three hours on Tuesday afternoon. Alaska State Troopers say Charles Smith and Kenneth Maal eventually...
  15. Doug from Anchorage

    Limit/Possession Trivia

    If the crew and captain eats a fish, does it count or has it been "processed"?
  16. Doug from Anchorage

    5 Lives Lost

    Apparently a Cook Inlet clamming trip turned bad for these guys. They were in a 20' skiff, but it doesn't sound like the weather played a role. Anyone heard anything else? My thoughts go to thier families.
  17. Doug from Anchorage

    Last Weekend in PWS

    How was the water last weekend? Just curious. Had a chance to go out, but elected (by the wife) to do chores at home instead.
  18. Doug from Anchorage

    Condensation in Fuel Tanks

    I've always hear of this concept, however, never really understood the science behind it. I never had a problem with it either. What I do know is, in order for water to condense from the air it most reach it's dewpoint temperature. The dewpoint is always less than the ambiant air temperature...
  19. Doug from Anchorage

    Fuel Prices are Bumming Me Out

    I can't help but feel the pinch, and it's not even summer yet. Oh well, I think it was somebody on this forum that puts things into perspective with the phrase "You'll never see a U-haul hooked up to a Hearst". LOL
  20. Doug from Anchorage

    All Weather Boats A buddy of mine just picked one of these up down in Petersburg. Anybody have any experience with one of these? He's got a trailer he's going to drive to Haines, then take the ferry down Petersburge and motor the boat back. I guess the entire rig sets in at 6,500...

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