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    accuracy question

    My Brother has a savage 223/ 20 ga combo gun. Last summer he went to shoot it and mistakenly loaded a 6x45 wildcat rnd into a 5.56 rifle the cartridge will chamber and fired it. He brought it back home because the spent rnd had to be tapper out with cleaning rod. Now I have been shooting it but...
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    Ammo through Canada

    Does anyone know what the law is about transporting ammo through Canada? No guns just ammo. I read the post about guns and I have came through Canada before with Firearms and am familiar their laws. I am wanting to bring up some obsolete military FMJ ammo for Mauser Rifles, a couple of 50 call...
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    Spring Black bear on Slana river

    I was just thinking about planning a spring black bear hunt on the slana river. Access it from the rest area on Tok cutoff with a motorized zodiac is this a good idea? will i just be running in to a lot of tribal land? up streem or down streem? I would like to here some input.
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    Dalton Hwy to Bettles on ATV

    I was just wondering if you can travel to Bettles from Dalton Hwy on an ATV during summer time or is it too marshy and uncross-able rivers?
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    Caribou hunt brooks range off Dalton hwy

    We did not go up to do a spring hunt for Caribou off the Dalton this year because we decided that we did not want to hunt when they did not have antlers. so now we are looking at a late fall hunt like possibly November. I want to go when the ground is froze so it is easer to walk and also that...
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    Need to get a traler to Alaska

    I have a 21 foot travel Trailer I need to get to Tok it is Located in Cody Wyoming it is duel axle light duty trailer a half ton truck or SUV with V8 would pull it no problem you would be free to use it on the way up. You would just have to drop it at a friends house in Tok. I am looking to have...
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    Hunting Caribou off Dalton Hwy

    I am planning a Spring Caribou hunt off the Dalton next year. I am planning to rifle hunt so I will be packing in at least 5 miles as per regulations. I am thinking of going in on snowshoes with an expedition sled. Any pointers or suggestions would be appreciated.
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    460 S&W 454 casul dies

    I just bought a 460 S&W Thompson center Encore do you think I can adjust out my 454 Casul dies to work for reloading or will I need to buy 460 dies
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    how can I get smelt when not a resident of Alaska

    I am trying to get information on catching smelt when you are a non resident it seems you just cant do it, is that the case? I have read in the regs about fishing in salt water with no more the 15 hooks but I can find no other information.
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    Mini truck on the Hwy

    I have a Japanese mini truck that I was thinking about bringing to Alaska I live in Wyoming and it is licensed and insured to drive on the road in Wyoming. Does anyone out their know the law about driving my mini truck on the Hwy in Alaska? Will the state of Alaska honor my Wyoming plates? Near...
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    Raft cold weather storage

    I have an Acillies pontoon boat that I would like to bring to Alaska and leave it at my cabin over the winter. Here in Wyoming I let the air out roll it up and store it in a cool but heated area. If i leave it in Alaska it would be in my dry but un-heated Cabin all winter. Will this harm it if...
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    deadman lake

    hello I was wondering if anyone has seen that state land sale in the subdivision at deadman lake? I saw that it was offerd again this year. it has been a couple of years since they offerd land out their it looks like it is land thet was sold and then they decided not to complete the sale. Should...

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