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    lead head jig molds

    Anybody in the Juneau area have a 12 or 16 oz lead head jig mold I could borrow for a little bit to make some smaller ones.... I have a 24oz if you need some bigger ones. thanks
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    150gr .308 accubonds

    anybody have any they want to get rid of? cant find any anywhere....
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    lead head jigs

    wondering if anybody has any tricks when pouring your own lead head jigs in 16&24oz how to get it to fill the cavity all the way so you get a good spike so the grubtail cant slip right off. i can get the heads to come out fine just wondering if you can really preheat the j hook to the point...
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    sea duck hunting 11/25/2013

    made it out to chase some sea ducks and pretty good, first time I was picky enough to shoot just drakes :) last time went out and got a really nice harlequin that I'm going to get mounted... by far the nicest one I have ever shot!!
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    Fishing pictures 2013

    Name that fish!!!!
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    Fishing pictures 2013

    not a bad way to spend the day
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    Diawa saltiga line

    Had anybody used this line at all? I am thinking about trying it out...... I like the fact that its a finer diameter so it will drag less......
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    Fishing pictures 2013

    gunna be a good year tater!!!
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    new rifle

    well i know i am going to open a can of worms with this one but here we go. i have decided with all the other posts that i am going to go with a leupold 2.5-8 vx3. from there i cant decide between a browning xbolt or a kimber montana in a 325wsm....... i know that some pple on here don't like...
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    fishing in prudhoe

    well i know its not the right time of year to fish up there....being -30. i have been working up there for 3 years and am very upset with myself that i havent ever even tried to fish up there. being from southeast i have no idea what works for grayling... looking for a little help here. thanks
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    re bluing

    i have a weatherby mark 5 in a 338wm and i need to reblue it, does anybody know somebody in juneau that can do it? thanks
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    Fishing pics 2012

    beautiful day today down by hawk inlet
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    Juneau Silvers

    couple days ago down at funter
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    Fishing pics 2012

    well king fishing has kind of sucked around here lately but the black cod sure were biting today!!!
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    Fishing pics 2012

    got a nice king on Saturday and turned into a great dinner on Sunday
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    Fishing pics 2012

    went out in February and got a couple
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    The deepest you've sport fished and what you caught

    the 2 big blackcod came from 2500' and the other picture was anywhere from 1400'-2000'
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    polaris 6X6

    hello to all, i am thinking about getting a 2010 polaris sportsman big boss 800. i have heard that they used to break down all the time and that i should think twice about getting one. i see that there have been some posts already about them and was wondering what pple on here think about...
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    can't decide

    well, i have been on the fence about this for a while and i know lots of pple on here have 300wsm and some pple have 325 wsm. i cant really decide on what one to get. will be hunting everything from deer to brown bears
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    2011 fishing pics

    black cod out of juneau

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