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    I don't do this often, but could use some help

    I could use some help. I've been up here from 07 when I was stationed at fort Richardson. I didn't do so well last year with ptarmigan & grouse hunting. This year the duck hunting has been ok at best. I am a big waterfowl and small game hunt kind of guy. My cousin is coming up here for a...
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    Decoy weights

    I can make lead weights for your decoys if anybody is in need of some. I can pour 2,3,4,5,6 oz & 16 oz "blank sinkers". Give me a shout if you are interested. There will be a small fee, but way cheaper than buying any kind of fishing or decoy weight from the stores.
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    With the 2014 season coming up....

    With the season about to open can we all try to remember to keep our wetlands clean of trash and not destroy the waterfowl grounds? It seems that every year I pick up more and more trash on my way out and back from duck hunting. If you pack it in, pack it out. Also, when traveling to your...
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    Any helpful tips?

    I have a few days off and I am thinking about going to Seward military resort with a few buddies. I have been hearing a few things here and there about small game hunting around Seward, moose pass, hidden lake (ish) areas. Anybody have any input? you can PM me, i know that a lot of people are...

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