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  1. BrettAKSCI

    I'm off!

    Best of luck to everyone headed out sheep hunting here in Alaska and everywhere else. I leave tomorrow morning for a combo dall sheep and mountain goat hunt. Kind of a rare opportunity to have both in the same area. Everyone be safe out there! Brett
  2. BrettAKSCI

    Packrafting Leasons (Great for Newbies)

    I have a hunt coming up this year where I will be using a packraft. Having never been in one before, I thought it a good idea to do some basic training. I took a packrafting class last weekend in Hope. I did the class through Turnagain Kayak out of Hope. My instructor Patrick had me out on a...
  3. BrettAKSCI

    Packrafting Leasons (Great for Newbies)

    I know this is the hunting forum, but I thought this would be of interest since so many people are using packrafts these days to access hunting areas and many people have little to no experience. I have a hunt coming up this year where I will be using a packraft. Having never been in one...
  4. BrettAKSCI

    Help Needed: Alaska Sheep M. ovi Response

    ATTENTION ALASKAN SHEEP HUNTERS!!! The Alaska Department of Fish and Game Recently announced that 4 Dall sheep in the Talkeetna Mountains and 2 mountain goats on the Kenai Peninsula tested positive for M. ovi. M. ovi is a serious disease that has decimated bighorn sheep populations in the...
  5. BrettAKSCI

    DG 344 Nellie Juan Goat Info???

    I drew DG 344 Nellie Juan goat tag. I'm interested in hearing from anyone who has done the hunt about how they accessed, when they went, what they saw, and general recommendations. Preliminarily I'm thinking of flying in to one of the lakes early season, but not sure. Brett
  6. BrettAKSCI

    AK SCI Banquet Seminars

    Here's a link to the schedule:
  7. BrettAKSCI

    Nunivak Island Muskox Hunt Report 2018

    Prehunt: At the request of a forum member I thought I'd put together a report to share some of the information and experience I gleaned from my recent hunt. And also to highlight the costs you will incur, so people will realistically put in for these tags. I think this is a pretty good idea. I...
  8. BrettAKSCI

    2018 Hunting Pictures

    Well...I just got back from a muskox hunt on Nunivak Island. Thought I'd post pictures to get the 2018 thread started. Brett
  9. BrettAKSCI

    Leaving for Muskox Tomorrow!

    Well it's finally here. I drew a Nunivak Island winter muskox tag last year and I fly out tomorrow morning. I'll report when I get a chance. Luckily it's supposed to be cold and really I've got that going for me! :):):) Brett
  10. BrettAKSCI

    Must See Goat Conservation, Hunting, Sexing, and Aging Video

    This is a fantastic video on mountain goat ecology, conservation, hunting, aging, and sexing. It's well worth the less than 10 minutes! Brett
  11. BrettAKSCI

    Unimpressive Representation of Hunting By RHAK

    I decided to catch up on news just a few minutes ago when what popped up on my YAHOO (not ADN or anything local mind you) news feed, an AP article circulating to the entire world talking about the decline of the central arctic caribou herd. I clicked on it and started reading. In it was this...
  12. BrettAKSCI

    Sheep, Moose, Trout Extraviganza

    I went elk hunting last year in Montana with a buddy of mine. In return I offered to take him moose hunting. What resulted was probably my best Alaska adventure to date. It was a three week float hunting, sheep hunting, moose hunting, steelhead fishing, trout fishing, camping, nature enjoying...
  13. BrettAKSCI

    Bullet Selection for Big Game, Bullet Performance, & How to Make a Killing Shot

    I thought I'd post this diagram of some commonly used bullets and their performance. I've said it before and I'll say it again....the most important things for a killing shot in order are: 1. Shot placement (shooting a gun with recoil you can handle, having appropriate LOP, get a $70 trigger...
  14. BrettAKSCI

    It's Sheep Season!

    A friend and I are driving to Fairbanks tonight and then flying out tomorrow morning. I wish everyone a safe and successful sheep season. I'll update when I return. Brett
  15. BrettAKSCI

    Topo Maps???

    So with the USGS map store at APU no more, where does one go to get high quality topo maps? Thanks! Brett
  16. BrettAKSCI

    Message From Alaska Chapter FWS

    Dear Member These are busy times for the Alaska Wild Sheep Foundation. Please take a minute to read the attached Member Update to learn more about the organization and see what we have been doing over the last few months. As always we are looking for new members and volunteers to help us build...
  17. BrettAKSCI

    Alaska Chapter SCI Banquet 2015

    All, Our Alaska Chapter SCI banquet is rapidly approaching. The dates are February 20th and 21st at the Dena'ina Center. Please see the bellow video for more information on our chapter, the banquet, and what we do with the money: You can purchase your tickets here...
  18. BrettAKSCI

    FYI: Federal Subsistence Board Member Applications Sought

    U.S. Fish and Wildlife ServiceBureau of Land ManagementNational Park Service Bureau of Indian Affairs For Immediate Release: October 7, 2015 Federal Subsistence BoardNews Release Forest Service Applicants Sought for Subsistence Regional...
  19. BrettAKSCI

    AKSCI Response to Anchorage AC Antlerless Moose

    Alaska Chapter SCI PO Box 770511 Eagle River, AK 99577 (907) 980-9018 November 30, 2014 Dear Mr. Doner: I am writing as an Anchorage resident, avid outdoorsman, and president of the Alaska Chapter of Safari Club International (AKSCI). On behalf of SCI Alaska Chapter and myself I...
  20. BrettAKSCI

    VERY IMPORTANT: National Park Service Proposed Rule Change Public Comment

    All, The National Park Service is proposing some rule changes ONLY here in Alaska. These changes will disregard certain hunting/wildlife management practices approved by the state that the National Park Service finds unethical and/or in direct conflict with their natural abundance management...

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