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    Silver fishing out of Sterling recommendations

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a charter to fish for silvers and rainbows in early September out of Sterling? Thanks.
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    Tornado Anchors

    Anyone have any experience with these anchors? TORNADO ANCHORS | LEAD FREE, GUIDE APPROVED (
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    2 or 3 tines on left side?

    I had this bull in my yard today. From the front he looks like a 3 tine bull on the left side. The picture from behind makes me wonder?? Thoughts?
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    Slug barrel on a Remington 11-87

    Has anyone had any experience using a slug barrel/with sights on a Remington 11-87 12 gauge? Any pros or cons that you can discuss? Thanks.
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    Rowing frames

    I was having a discussion with a friend of mine about the rowing frames and when they came into existence. Does anyone know when they were invented or used in Alaska? Thanks.
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    Launching a boat with a motorhome

    I am curious to see if people launch their boats with a motorhome. I realize there is a lot of weight on the rear end of the motorhome but is there any issues especially retrieving your boat?
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    Looking for a used Brutus Pot puller

    I just bought a boat this spring and can't afford a new electra dyne puller now. I was wondering if anyone had upgraded and had a used Brutus puller they don't need anymore. I would sure like to get out there and shrimp in PWC. Thanks.
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    Kenai Lake

    I was wondering when Kenai Lake typically is ice free? I have a new (to me but actually used) boat and I would like to run it on a lake first before venturing into the saltwater. Thanks.
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    Boat to run Kenai and valley rivers

    I am considering getting a G3 1860 tunnel and a Yamaha 50 jet with a tiller to use on the Kenai, Little Su and Deshka. Anyone have any experience using a boat like this? Thoughts, suggestions? Thanks.
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    Butchering books or video

    My son is in Georgia in the Army and plans on doing some deer and hog hunting. He is not very experienced at butchering yet. Do any of you have any recommendations for either books or videos that show the process of butchering an animal into quality cuts? Thanks in advance.
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    6 Volt Batteries

    I am considering purchasing 6 volt batteries for my trailer so that I don't have to run my generator as much. Any suggestions/recommendations from people with experience doing this? Thanks in advance.
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    Gunsight Mountain Trail

    I have been trying to research information on a trail (or trails) to Gunsight Mountain without much luck. Does anyone have any insight into where I could find any information or personal experience? I am trying to find the best location to start and possibly conditions of the trail. I have...
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    Shuttle service for the Nenana River

    I am thinking about floating the Nenana River in early July from the Denali Highway put in down to the Parks Highway bridge. I was wondering if there is any shuttle service that works that part of the river? Thank you.
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    Ruger SR22

    I was thinking of getting this newer .22 pistol. Does anyone have any experience with this gun? Pros/Cons? Thanks in advance.
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    I need a light weight tripod

    I have a new spotting scope (Kowa 60mm angled) and was wondering what you sheep hunters use for a tripod? My plan is to primarily use the scope for hunting in the mountains. What works best for you? What type of head is easiest to use? Thanks.
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    Need a new tripod

    I was wondering what you sheep hunters use for a tripod with your spotting scope? Do you recommend a pistol grip head or are they too heavy? Thanks for your help.
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    DE323 Etolin Island hunt

    Has anyone hunted this permit before? It would be nice to get some insight into this hunt. Thanks in advance.
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    Steiner problems

    Does anyone know where I could take my Steiner binoculars to get worked on locally (Anchorage area)? I am having problems with the eye piece coming off. Thanks.
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    Gulkana River downstream from Richardson Hwy. bridge

    Has anyone been on the Gulkana River downstream from the Richardson Hwy bridge to the confluence with the Copper River? Is it possible to take a smaller jet boat in this section launching at the bridge and taking out again at the bridge? Are there a lot of rocks/boulders? Thanks.
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    Any experience with CZ side by side shotguns?

    I am interested in the side by sides from CZ (Bobwhite or Ringneck) in a 28 gauge. Does anyone have any experience with these (good or bad)? Thanks in advance.

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