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    Anybody recommend someone that does log home chinking? Time to have my house done and looking for a good recommendation. I'm located in the valley. Thanks
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    New Sled

    I'm thinking about picking up a new mountain sled and was looking for some advice. I'm looking at the Cat M8's and would like some opinions if you think the extra price for the Sno-Pro or HCR is worth the money? Not interested in getting into a Cat, Polaris, Ski-Doo debate. Thanks in advance for...
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    DSC Radio Alert

    This was just released by the Coast Guard FYI for those using DSC radios that are set up to recieve DSC alerts.
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    They're Here

    Fellow boaters, I have just received my 2010 Vessel Safety check stickers from the Coast Guard. Nice orange color this year. I realize it maybe early for a lot of us but there are a few that are planning on hitting the shrimp opener. If you want a Vessel Safety check for your boat please PM...
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    What am I doing wrong

    I went to load up some 375 H&H loads with Barnes TSX and my bullet seating cone pulls my bullets back out of the case when I lower my press. I have loaded Hornady and Speer bullets with these same RCBS dies and haven't experienced this problem. It appears that the shape of the Barnes bullet...
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    Boating Class

    The Coast Guard Auxiliary will be having a Boating Skills and Seamanship class starting Oct 20. Please see attached flyer for details. A class is in the works to be held in the Valley area. Once the details are worked out I will post information here.
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    Help with ATV selection

    I need some help picking out a new ATV since it’s been about 12 years from the last time in the market. The ATV will actually be for my parents who live in North Idaho. I’ve gone back through through some old threads but haven’t found what I was looking for. Currently they have a 96 Arctic...
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    Sight-in Days

    Does anyone know when this is happening at the Rabbit Creek range? I forgot to call today before they closed. Thanks
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    Fishing report

    Does anybody have any fishing reports on the Yetna around lake creek? Have a couple of buddies heading that way in a day or two.
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    Direct Vent Heaters and Electrical draw

    The thread about the direct vent heaters got me thinking how nice it would be to have a heater on the boat. So I did a little research and ended up calling the Espar dealer in Seattle. In our conversation about the heater and installation he told me that all outboard motors don't have large...

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