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    Five Fingers Rapids on Yukon

    Has anyone here ever ran the 5 Fingers Rapids on the Yukon somewhere around Carmacks. It's has a 100' wide chute to pass through. It's got to be fast. I've been reading, old time Yukon Steamboats passed through it all the time. North61, you know anything about this rapid, or anyone...
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    19 Grumman

    Anybody in the midwest want a 19 Grumman? One on Craigslist. Rolla, Missouri.
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas Folks! Zack and June
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    Anyone in the central mid-west wanting a 19 Gruman?
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    Sailor Boy Pilot Bread

    Hi folks. I've been reading in some books on Alaska I have and heard here on this web-site about Pilot Bread. It looks like a thick Nabisco cracker to me. Crackers ae cool, some thing to eat with chili or cheese and smoked fish. Anyway I got on Amazon and thought I'd order me out a box just to...
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    White Christmas

    Wishing you Alaskans a White Christmas. Zack

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