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  1. akjw7

    - 50 forecast - how to start your truck

    cross posted under snowmachine forum figured the cabin crowd might have some good suggestions too! Thanks!
  2. akjw7

    -50 forecast - how to get your truck started

    The interior has some real cold coming - and I've got a few days in a remote cabin with my truck not plugged in while I'm there. 17' Ford gas engine I've got a lot of years in Fairbanks, so am pretty well prepared but looking for other ideas. Here's what I have so far: *normal stuff like...
  3. akjw7

    Where to get some more white water experience?

    Looking to gain some more white water experience with our 14' self bailer round boat (Alaskan Outfitter brand) usually set up for rowing. We have done the upper Gulkana several times including the canyon and have spent a decent amount of time rowing on the upper Chena (can require some quick...
  4. akjw7

    cabin on the cheap for bunkhouse

    With the addition of the love of my life and her boys, my family now has six kids under age 12 - five are boys. I don't have custody of my four all the time, but ideally i'd like to get to 50/50 and have them week on week off. To do that I need to be able have some reasonable living space for...
  5. akjw7

    hiking boots for wide feet - help?

    I've tried on just about every boot in the stores I can find. I have 4e width feet and am not finding a good fit. In the past I've had to get boots much too big for me just to even get my feet in them. Then I end up sliding all over with regular blister problems. The only thing in 4e I can...
  6. akjw7

    2011 Alaskan Hunting Photo Gallery

    20A antlerless Somehow, with all the moose that I've worked on over the years this turns out to be the first one I've harvested. Been buying beef at the store for a few months now after failing to connect in the fall, so I'm thankful to have a freezer full again.
  7. akjw7

    Ice house questions...

    mud - build yourself a slush bucket if your house will be in one spot all the time. step 1 - build a square plywood box without a lid (maybe 24"?) step 2 - cut a square hole centered in the bottom of the box with enough clearance for your auger to go through without tearing up the box or...
  8. akjw7

    Am I nuts??

    I appear to be the only person that thinks it's insane to allow a 13 year old girl to date an 18 year old I nuts? I also appear to be the only person that thinks it's beyond insane to let the same girl now 14 to get engaged to the guy that is 19 I nuts? of course my wife...
  9. akjw7

    NHL playoff race!

    talk of baseball has me dreading the end of hockey season :D:D pretty sure baseball is the only thing I hate about summer! but I must admit it's been a great year and the playoff races in the east are once again nuts! Flyers are up on the rangers by 4 thanks to a flyers win and a rangers...
  10. akjw7

    Plane crashes into building in Austin, Texas

    initial reports were that he burned his house down, then stole the plane (cherokee) and flew it into the IRS office building now appears that it was his airplane, but it's still a bad day for general aviation - I am not looking forward to the reactions that will protect us from this 'threat'...
  11. akjw7

    red robin = good food?

    don't know that I'd classify it as stellar in any way and it's nothing like my addiction to moose's tooth, but... red robin is one of those anchorage places I miss from time to time - just saw at ADN an ad for a cook at red robin - it made me think of a huge monster burger and endless fries...
  12. akjw7

    adhesive to repair bunny boots?

    got a seam coming apart and two-part epoxy just cracks anybody been down this road before and found something that works? thanks
  13. akjw7

    cali's budget

    quote from an article I read about the newly released CA budget "Schwarzenegger also proposed state parks be funded through new oil drilling off the Santa Barbara coast, a controversial measure he previously put forward without success." What? Is this bizzaro world? The governator wants to...
  14. akjw7

    walk away from your mortgage? I hear it from nearly everyone I know that travels outside to hard hit parts of the country and the sentiment is almost always the same word for word - "it is so much worse out there than we realize up here" the thought has crossed...
  15. akjw7

    Dead RV?

    not sure where this belongs, but I'll start here with the ice fishing crowd. Anyone know where a dead camper or travel trailer might be lurking around the interior? I'm building an ice house and would really like to snag a few things out of an RV that's seen it's last road trip. things like...
  16. akjw7

    its a dismembered torso!!

    oops nope - just part of a moose carcass...on top of a building in anchorage! :eek: Carcass found on roof of Midtown office likely a moose
  17. akjw7

    kids on XC skis or shoes?

    Thinking of trying to get more of my family, instead of just me, outside this next winter. kids are 7, 5, and 6 months so I'm leaning towards snow shoes - easier for the kids, easier for parent with baby bundled in somehow, and of course cheaper any tips or advice either way? thanks
  18. akjw7

    how bout them flyers?!

    6 5 win over the caps in OT! I thought pronger played like a nobody - I think lupol and knuble were way better, but hopefully pronger is just getting settled still loving the 09-10 season so far and lots more to come!!!
  19. akjw7

    swine flu at school

    wow took less than a week for the first alert - just got an email from the kids' school saying a staff member has symptoms of H1N1. Not a surprise, but I can't imagine how much more of this there is going to be in a month or two. Everyone wash their hands, cover that cough, and try to stay...
  20. akjw7

    Winter 40 mile caribou hunt CANCELLED

    Looks like my family is going to be missing our freezer shelf full of caribou burger this winter... I did try to get out for one a couple weeks ago, but the entire hunt was on weekdays so it was tough. Shame...

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