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    Nosler Long Range Accubond

    I thought I would pass this on as it seems significant to me - I use an RCBS collet style bullet puller, have for years - I obtained some 175 Long Range Accubond 7mm bullets I'd been scouting for to try in a 7mm Rem Mag, gave some loads a try and was disappointed in the accuracy and realized...
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    FORBES production rifles llc

    I've been watching and reading all I can about the new Forbes production rifles, up to yesterday I was just pondering on whether to go with an '06 or wait and hope for the 7mm Rem Mag to emerge in the line-up - Then yesterday I was reading the "blog" on their website and I see the announcement...
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    Alliant 4000 MR powder

    I have 4 lbs of this new Alliant 4000MR powder and no data - I want to use it in a 7mm Rem Mag with 150's presently - Alliant told me this, "similar to RL-19, maybe on the fast side" (thanks ! a lot of help there) anyone using it ?
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    Alliant 4000 mr

    has anyone tried Alliant 4000 MR powder ? Alliant says it's burn rate is on par with RL-19, "maybe on the fast side" for what that is worth ?? it meters very nicely - I am testing it in 7mm Rem Mag and 280 AI right now - I would LOVE any feedback .....
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    "gun" control is not about guns, it is about "control" ...

    Anyone know who said that ?
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    just so everyone knows how """I""" see things

    There is alot of turmoil, politics and spreading of opinion going on nowadays, in government, in the media, and in circles just like this Forum - It can't be avoided nor ignored because opinions represent frame of mind - As I've noted elsewhere, very much the same rhetorical talk and bantor most...
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    Powder scales

    I saw and have read the other thread below but I wanted to be more specific - I would like to hear what everyone else is using, how they feel about their choices and why -
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    Bank of America anti-gun ?

    Has anyone seen the email floating around that quotes McMillan rifles of AZ in stating that Bank of America declined to be their bank any longer due to the fact that they are a firearms and shooting accessory manufacturer ? I don't know if it is "new" news or a resurrected bit if info or bogus...
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    338/06 or 35 Whelen ?

    I'm gonna toss this out and count the votes AND the rationale with them - I have a Kimber Montana 84L in '06 that I'm just not satisfied with as far as accuracy goes - I've tried a whole bunch of loads with 165's, 180's and even a few 200's and I'm just not impressed but I like the gun, sooooo...
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    Nosler ETips

    Has anyone else tried the ETips ? I have tried a couple of dozen test loads for the .308 with 150's but the accuracy seems to be sporadic, I'm wondering if it is an issue with copper fouling ? Nosler says they are "very possibly the best hunting bullet they've ever produced" and their numbers...
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    I guess I stumped 'em at Kimber

    On Monday I sent an email to the technical dept. at Kimber asking this question: "Understanding how an Ackley Improved cartridge is supposed to be fireformed from it's parent cartridge with the bullet making "hard" contact into the lands to prevent web stretch, are your .280 AI rifles chambered...
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    .280 Ackley Improved

    I am wondering how much "loss" there is when firing plain old .280 in a .280 AI rifle ? I understand about the web stretch if the round isn't put together to fireform, I'm just wonderin' about velocity you would give up
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    I have a serious question for you handloaders ....

    In studying Hodgdon's reloading data info it would appear to me that a prudent but slightly adventurous handloader "might" get his .308 / 168 Nosler E Tip loads quite close to what is recorded for the same bullet in an '06 (within 150 - 200 fps anyways) and it's got me thinkin' ...... I would...
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    I'm looking for some advice

    Hi all - I'm looking for some advice and I've always gotten honest well intended opinions from here so ..... now that I have all my Kimber Montana's sold I want to purchase one good 30.06 and I'm down to 3 choices (so don't even bother suggesting another make or model) they are: Kimber 84L...
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    going to place the Kimber Montana 338 WSM for sale

    I thought I'd mention it here just in case - I had a Kimber Montana rebored by JES to 338 WSM several months ago - I've been trying to work with it but "my life" has taken a turn that I didn't anticipate and I plain do not have time for it - Ive done quite a bit of load development, I have dies...
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    Can anyone give me a good argument for not just going with a good '06 ?

    I guess I'm just fishin' for feedback on WHY I should not just acquire a good 30.06 and use it for everything ? an African safari is not in the cards for me - a moose or caribou trip to AK or BC is - Rocky Mtn elk and deer hunts and spring black bear - I've been calculating "the numbers" and...
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    Tikka T3 Superlight

    Well, I can report that, although I have not fired the gun as yet, I am now the proud owner of one of those Tikka T3 Superlights in 7mm Ram Mag that everyone is so allfired excited about - Had to drive nearly 400 miles round trip to Medford to pick it up at Sportsman's Warehouse - I've been...
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    Bullet maker customer service

    My last post got me thinking about a pet peeve of mine these days ... CUSTOMER SERVICE - In the context of "bullets" Last week I sent an email to Swift Bullets inquiring if they had "2nds" like Nosler does .... several days later I received a phone call from the customer service guy there at...
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    Neck trimming

    Back again .... Well, I found that if I fireform the 338 WSM brass it drops right in the chamber after resizing UNTIL I put a bullet in the case ... It would appear that I will be forced to shave / trim the necks which I've never done before - I understand that is won't hurt in the accuracy...
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    A question for Murphy

    I had my rifle rebored by JES to 338 creating what I hope is a 338 WSM (or whatever name we give it) I received my Redding dies today labeled 300/338 WSM 2 die set - I have sized to expand the necks on a batch and when I chamber them in the rifle it closes very hard and I can detect, upon brass...

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