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    Opinions on mojos

    Going to invest a couple bucks on a mojo this year. What's everyone's opinion on battery powered mojos vs wind. Don't make a whole lot of money and would like some reviews on how much more worth it or not worth the extra bucks on a battery powered mojo
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    any clubs or groups that go out for upland birds

    looking to make some new buddies that share the same passion for preservation and hunting that I do not sure if thiers any groups that go for ptarmigan or rabbits. and by groups I don't mean killing rallies. usually go alone just moved to the Wasilla area and lookin to find some people that...
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    advice on versatile shells?

    Any good versatile shells for geese and ducks. I am having trouble getting a Canada goose. I've never been able to get one and it could be my rookie status but is their a versatile she'll that puts down geese and ducks? I know this sounds redundant but this is an honest question. How heavy...
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    mat su duck calling

    I was hunting cottonwood last week and heard people calling ducks. I've only just jumped ducks and played the sit and be still game with ducks their. Do people have success with duck calls here or even use decoys .just never heard it before..... good luck everyone
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    jerk string decoy set ups

    Been searching for decoys had some luck and want to do my own diy jerk string set up anybody built their own any tips tricks for a semi newbie like myself. Also thought on mojos I'm going this year without one not sure how much I really need one. Getting stoked up about September
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    anybody selling any old decoys

    This is the first year I'm gonna go out without a seasoned water fowler I've gone one season but always used others mojos and decoy spreads but it's time for me to start my own collection looking for old or decent condition that your willing to sell. I live in the wasilla area just ccreated an...

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