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    I recently bought a used Willie predator with a Yamaha T50. Due to some rookie mistakes I'm gonna be looking for a new prop. Whats the popular size and pitch?
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    Tipping the guide

    I was trying to think of a cool tip for the river guide I use. I've fished with him 2-3 times a year for the last 15 years and I always give him cash, but was trying to think of something different this year. Any ideas?
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    Where to ride?

    We're new to trail riding and looking for a place to go this weekend. We have stock machines so it can't be too technical. I know where Buffalo mine Rd is, jsut not sure of where the tailhead is? any others? Feel free to PM me if you don't want ot post directions. Thanks for the help.
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    STEEL ATV trailer

    I'm looking for a steel trailer for towing 2 ATV's. A friend has one he bought in Fairbanks that put the 2 ATV's inline. He can't remember the name of the company. I saw one online, TrailMaster Trailers out of Texas, but there doesn't seem to be a dealer around here. Any leads?
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    Mercury 25 horse help

    I just purchased a new merc. motor for my skiff. I'd like to hook up a fishfinder to it, but don't see anything in the manual or online at the Merc site on how or where to tap in to power accessories. It's a tiller handle, rope start, so no external power, but since it uses an alternator I...
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    Charter Donation help

    I volunteer for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation on the banquet committee and we are having our annual banquet/auction on Nov 10th. I usually line up a donated fishing trip or two to auction off or give away as a prize and this year all of my usual contacts have fallen thru. Who would like to...
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    2001 Polaris 500H.O. help

    I went to get my wheeler out of storage and get ready to go hunting. I guess I need to run it more often. The carb is pouring fuel into the engine and air box. I think the needle and seat are shot. Anyhow, does anyone know how to disconnect the throttle and choke cables from the carb? I have...
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    Truth or Fiction?

    I've alway's heard that a Ruger is a stronger gun than a Smith, but why. I've gotten the argument that it's because of the size of the frame, but then I've gotten the argument that because of it being a cast steel, it has to be larger to get the same strength as a forged frame, like a Smith. So...

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