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    A question for the charter operators

    It looks like I will be by myself this July19-31.Will a charter let you walkup and buy a seat or do they require an advanced notice.Since I obviously wont be booking the whole boat and I still want to fish on a charter. What do you think? looking at Homer and Deep Creek and Seward. Thanks Mike
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    Nordic Tug?

    I was wondering if any of you have used these guys before.They are out of Juneau.I would have to hire a captain but it sure sounds good to me. Thanks for any info you might be willing to share!! Mike
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    Yakutat or Coffman cove?

    I really need to decide soon .Have researched both and I need some help on deciding where to go Trip will be for me and my brother during August.We would like to catch some halibut and silver salmon.Maybe a king in the salt.So my question is where would you go and why? Thanks, I really love this...
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    I have 6 Grand

    to spend this summer for my brother and I to spend a week fishing this summer during the month of July.I have done the Kenai thing and would find something more remote or at least not so crowded.We would like to fish the salt for some kings and also for halibut.I am currently looking at Yakutat...
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    Just Wondering

    Looks like I will be alone when I come this July. My question is how hard is it to book a charter if you are by yourself I certainly do not want to book the whole boat.Does anyone have any experience going by yourself? My wife is trying to talk me out of going but I cannot help myself I am...
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    Who to book on the nushagak?

    I am looking for some advice on when to go and who to hire for a weeks fishing trip on the Nush. My time frame is very flexible Was last year a good year? does anyone know what the projections are for this year? Thanks in advance for your input Mike
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    Anyone hunt doves in Argentina?

    I have always wanted to go dove hunting in Argentina I have been looking on various web sites but was wondering if any of you have been and what was your experiences? Any info would be greatly appreciated Thanks Mike
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    I have a question

    Do you guys and gals think that since the economy is down there will be less charter bookings therefore you might find more bookings open later in the year? I will not find out until the middle of July whether or not I can make it up there this year.we are looking at Seward and Homer Thanks Mike
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    How was the Nush this year?

    I was wondering if any of the AOJ members were able to fish the Nush for kings this year and if so how did you do? was it a good year? Saw on the fish counts about 100k past the sonar but do not know if this is above or below normal.Anyway thanks for any responses. Mike
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    Nush report?

    Was wondering how the kings are doing on the Nush? We are in the early stages of planning a trip for July of 09.Can anyone recommend an outfitter? Thanks in advance Mike P.S. Sure is hot here in East Texas !!
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    MY Wife is letting me go !!!

    I just got permission:) to come up the last two weeks in August I would really like to catch some silvers I will have one week in Kodiak and one week on the peninsula Will this be a good time? mainly interested in stream fishing. Any thoughts on where to go I will be by myself so I will be...
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    Who ,When,and where will be the first river king caught??

    I am bummed that Alaska is out until next year [dog gonnit have to work] so I am living vicariously thru you guys and gals so who is going to catch the first river king where and when?
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    Fly out for kings

    On our way to Kodiak this July ,we would like to do a one day flyout from Anchorage for Kings Does anyone have a suggestion on where to go and who to book with.Looks like we will be in Anchorage July 17th Thanks as always for the great advice Mike
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    Kodiak This August

    Looking to spend the first week of August in Kodiak My timing is flexible so i could go earlier or later.I am interested in silvers and some butts.We did the kenai thing last July;a little crowded for me but still a good time.:)Anyway a little help would be greatly appreciated Thanks Mike
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    Next Year

    Looking for some info for next summer I will have a monthor moreJuly20 tothe end of August.I did the kenai this year and halibut at Homer,Ninnilchick and Deep Creek and silvers at Pony Cove in Seward Had a blast but this next year I would like to do Kodiak and the Nush and maybe a week or so in...
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    What would you fish for?

    Just wondering If you could only fish for ONE species of fish and could only go to ONE place,where would you go and what would you fish for?
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    What a trip

    Just got back home to Texas:mad: We had an awesome trip to the Kenai Peninsula,Did two flyouts with High Adventure the first to the Chuit on June 28,where I was lucky enough to catch my first king that weighed 40# all three of us limited but the hilitewas a 50# plus that we had hooked and lost...
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    Seward Coho ?

    Going out of Seward Saturday to Pony cove with Fish House Charters Has anyone had any experiences with them? What are our chances? Thanks Mike
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    Bear protection??

    Was wondering if you guys and gals take a pistol when you are fiishing on the rivers? we are coming next week and are debating if we should bring our pistols/I really do not want to What do you think? Thanks Mike
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    Alaska Discount fishing?

    Was wondering if anyone has been out with George We are scheduled to fish with him the first week of July Thanks Mike

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