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    Federal land

    Does anyone know how this affects hunting in Alaska this year? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Gear List. Need your Help!

    What am I missing or do I have too much? Going on a 10 day DYI Lake Hunt this year in western Alaska. Going with one other person. Our weight limit is 100lbs per person. Here is what we have packed so far. Let me know if I forgot something or if I should pack something additional! This does...
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    Reality hunting show violation hits home

    Ok guys I need your help. I had a DIY hunt planned with the guide that was recently charged with helping cover up illegible shooting of a second bear for a TV star. I have paid over half of the fees due. But now I am stuck wondering if I will be able to go on the hunt. I have been planning...
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    Emergency Plan for Hunt

    I am going to be hunting in Southwest Alaska around Bethel and am looking for contact numbers on who I should call in case of an emergency. I am trying to put together a plan A, B, C so that I am prepared. I will have a satellite phone but have heard that a 911 call is routed to Colorado...
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    Who has hunted Moose out of Bethel?

    My father and I are preparing for a moose hunt, I am trying to remove as many possibilities for stress to ensure that my dad and I are able to enjoy our time together. We get to see each other about once every two years. We did not always hunt together, but I was lucky enough to have a father...
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    Hunting scope for Alaska.

    I am preparing to go on a DYI moose hunt in Alaska. I have purchased most of the gear and am double checking everything. While I was looking at my rifle I started to debate with myself whether I should replace the scope. Currently I have a Redfield revolution 4-12 x40mm on it. It has not given...
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    Post Hunt Planning

    Hey Guys, You all have been so helpful so far. Currently I am in the planning stages of my DIY Moose/Black Bear Hunt and am currently addressing my plans after the hunt. I consider this to be one of the most important parts of the hunt. Here are my notes so far. Any advice, items that...
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    Camp fires at moose camp

    The other day I was having a wonderful discussion on the phone with another forum member and he made a statement that I had not heard before. He stated that camps that with no camp fires were more successful than camps that had fires. He said that the fire alerted the moose of your presence. I...
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    Moose tactics

    Hey guys I am new to moose hunting but my dad and I just booked our first self guided moose hunt out of bethel, sept 15-25. From my understanding we are going to be flown in on a float plane so it is going to be a lake hunt. I originally had in mind of going with a ridge top hunt but was talked...
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    What lures?

    I am going on a drop hunt in unit 18 out of bethel. We will be flying into a lake. What kind of fish are going to be present in most of the lakes in southwest Alaska? What should I bring for lures. Weight will be limited so I Appreciate the advice as I can't bring the whole tackle box.

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