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    454 Casull bullet question

    I'm getting my gear together for a June 21st run to the Russian River. Since I'll be fishing alone I thought I'd bring my 454 Casull for protection. Any suggestions for bullets? Thanks.
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    Oil Filter for 50hp Yamaha 4 Stroke

    For the last several years I've been running a Fram 6017A filter in my 50hp Yamaha 4 stroke. I've had zero problems. I just found a sale on Quaker State oil filters and I'm wondering if anybody has run them, and if so, what model number are you using for a 50hp Yamaha 4 stroke. Thanks.
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    Kenai Watershed Forum Study Does anybody else wonder if they're making a mountain out of a mole hill? I found this line the most interesting..... "The turbidity levels considered safe for all...
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    Trout for halibut bait?

    Did anyone watch tonights episode of Alaska: The Last Frontier on the Discovery Channel? Lots of questionable things being done by the Kilcher family but one thing in particular that got me was using trout for halibut bait. Atz Lee and his wife went trout fishing and kept saying they were...
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    chamber vacuum sealer bag question

    I'm looking to upgrade to a chamber vacuum sealer. Can I get by with using 3mil bags for salmon/halibut? Or, do I need to go with 5mil for fish? How about size of bags? I'm going to stock up so what's the most popular size(s) to have? Thanks.
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    Propane powered auger

    Just curious if anyone has used Jiffy's propane powered ice auger. How many holes can you drill per tank and what kind of power does it have?
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    2 stroke vs. 4 stroke augers

    I've been thinking about getting a new auger and a friend of mine says that the 4 strokes don't have the power that the 2 strokes do. Anybody have a side by side comparison between the two?
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    Eqipment? Is it important when hiring guide/charter

    I decided to start a new thread about fishing equipment and hiring a guide/charter operator. How important to you is the fishing gear that the guide/charter uses in deciding whether or not you will book with them? Is high end gear important or is functional gear alright with you? I'm not...
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    RPM reduction?

    What would cause my 150 Merc Optimax to drop in rpm's? There seems to be no other problems with the motor it but I can only get about 4200 rpm's out of it. I can't remember what the top end was last year but all I know is I'm running about 10mph slower and it's a bugger getting her on step.
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    Team USA Hockey going for gold/silver

    Unless the Slavs upset the Canadians tonight, looks likes it should be a classic showdown between USA and Canada for the gold. I think the real winners of this tournament have been hockey fans. A great, great hockey tournament so far.
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    USA more down

    Team USA knocked off a scrappy Swiss team and will now face the winner of Finland/Czech Republic. A medal is in sight......
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    stripped spark plug threads

    Unfortunately I was replacing my spark plug and stripped the threads. Anybody ever use a spark plug thread chaser before? I heard that I should use a lot of grease to catch any metal shavings from falling in the engine. Any advice would be helpful....I don't want to bring it in to the shop...
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    Best Steven Wright lines

    So I responded to another thread with a Steven Wright line. That got me thinking. Let's hear your favorite Steven Wrightisms. I'll get it started. I have HDADD. I can't focus on much but when I do it's really clear.
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    stimulus package

    Does anybody else feel the hypocrisy of the infrastucture part of the stimulus package and the "Bridge to Nowhere" outcry? Weren't the building of the bridges suppose to provide employment as well? I guess because it was an earmark that was bad. Stimulus vs. Earmark. Good vs. Evil.
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    TV on the Kenai Peninsula

    Does anybody know if I'll need a converter box to watch TV in the Soldotna/Kenai area after the switch to digital is made in February?
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    Kenai Hydrocarbon results 2008

    The forum has been awfully quiet about the headlines in today's Peninsula Clarion. ".....water sampling reveals two thirds drop in hydrocarbon levels." So, do you still think the old 2 cycle motors weren't the difference? Fire away and let's not say the 50hp increase made the river unsafe...
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    B.O.F meetings, which day(s) to attend?

    I have to make a trip to Anchorage during the BOF meetings in February. I'm wondering which day or days would be best to listen to Kenai River sportfishing proposals. Thanks.
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    Mother Nature vs. power boats

    With all the flooding and destruction that is happening on the Kenai right now, I was wondering if all the talk about the effects of boat wakes can even come close to what is happening on the banks of the river this very moment. Any comments?

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