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    Don't hunt BC Canada

    Do Not Hunt BC, Canada Why would I say this about my beautiful province in Canada? Our current Liberal government has recently changed its policy in regards to wildlife allocations. These changes put a huge amount of our wildlife into the hands of the guiding industry at the behest of the...
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    Bergans of Norway 3 person tunnel tent on sale at the clymb

    Looks like a nice tent similar to the Nallo's for a good price
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    Packraft clothing for the hunter

    I see several options for clothing for pack rafting such as one piece ultralight dry suits that weigh a couple of pounds to two piece goretex paclite options.Just wondering what guys are using when you are doing big treks then dropping into drainages and rafting out..I don't anticipate...
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    I have an opportunity to buy a Sat phone for cheap and i am wondering if the Globalstar network has improved since they have put up the new satellites.I know iradium is good but this is a good deal whats the latest on Globalstar?Thanks Dan
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    Grizzly bear support petition

    Hi Every year here in British Columbia we get a huge outcry from the Anti's denouncing our Grizz hunt.The Anti's have a petition going around and are garnering support from around the globe.So to counter this attack we have started our petition in support of the hunt.Please take the time to...
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    This for sheep hunt?

    I am planning a sheep hunt and want to float a river for access.No more than class II do you think this would be up to the task for one guy and medium sized pack dog.?Think i could throw a Caribou in as well.I am not sure how stout the construction is with the given Materials comments...

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