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    Wanton waste

    why take all this if you are going to waste it?? That was pasted on FB. i would be very ashamed.
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    WHAT A JOKE!! Time to get Kings on the ES list

    Well after seeing its OK for the wanton waste of our dissapearing Kings its time for them to go on the Endangered Specie list. It seems they dont care about trawlers wasting thousands of kings and chums so let do it and get it over with. Its time to either kiss them good bye or do something...
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    With Josh's passing is anyone running it? Its just not the same here without his posts!
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    Well they shut down Kings on the Kenai for the first run. It should have never opened! No bait so far for the late run. Why not just shut it down and let it rebuild? OH YEAH the set netters would not be able to fish so its going to open! Why does the US wait until a fishery is destroyed before...
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    How often do you change your braided fishing line?

    How often do you change the braid on your saltwater halibut rods?
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    Mooching Kings in the salt

    Wondering how many of you have mooched Kings in the salt. What did you use? any tips?
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    Ranier Gun store. have you heard of them?

    Wondering if anyone has done business with them. Thinking of making a large purchase on line and wondering if they are legit good people
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    Stick a fork in it!

    Looks like another bad year for Kenai Kings. Why is it the US does nothing to manage fish until they are almost gone? Look at cod in the NE. almost fished to the ponit where not enough are left to repopulate teh stocs. WELL DONE US. their incompetence's killed the big kings coming back to where...
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    To glow or not to glow for halibut

    What are your thoughts on glow for halibut? i also am interested on your bait hooks if you add any glow squid to them or anything like that. Thanks for your response!
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    Cook Inlet Offshore test index in the tank?

    I keep seeing such low numbers in the offshore index. We have had a high of 75 so far as best as I can tell. Why so low? I wonder where the big plug of reds are?
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    Set nets and Pike in the salt??

    This morning I listened to the Commfish recording and they requested all east side set netters keep any Pike and to keep them cool and turn them in to fins and feathers. How can pike be in the salt as they are a freshwater fish?? It was really strange to hear that!! Does anyone have any idea...
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    To GLOW or not to GLOW for Halibut??

    How many of you incorporate some type of glow when soaking bait? How about when jigging halibut? What is your opinion on GLOW in the dark for Halibut?
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    UCI Set net harvest vs set net harvest

    Who takes what percentage of the UCI Sockeye harvest? I was curious and looked around and did not find anything.
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    What should i look for on a Kenai Float?

    My buddy and I have a nice drift boat and want to float the Kenai for Reds. Most likely put in at Coopers Landing and float to the Russian. My question is this. What do I look for when it comes to spots to stop and fish for Reds? Slow water? Fast water? Points? My fly rod is all set and ready...
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    Magnuson - Stevens act makes dipnetting illegal?

    My question is this. I was told by a person I respect that under the Magnuson-Stevens act dipnetting would be illegal as its not subsistence. is there any truth to that??
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    Two drown in Seward

    Looks like a real tragedy! Anyone know what happened? Prayers sent to the family!
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    What are your thoughts on UV and Glow for Halibut

    I am looking to tie up some rigs for soaking salmon heads. I usually put a skirt of some kind on it so it almost touches the head. I like a bigger presentation to discourage the little ones. What are your thoughts on how well UV and Glow work for halibut. Thanks for your reply!
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    Kenai krill question

    Well its time to tie up some flies for next year. This year I am going to tie up a lot of Kenai Krill flies and I have a few questions. I will be fishing the Kenai and NOT the Russian. What size and brand hooks do you tie yours on? Also what size and color eyes do you use? Thanks for your help!!
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    What did you think of this years red run on the Kenai

    Real simple question here. How would you rate this years Sockeye run on the Kenai?
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    Boat exploded in Homer

    I heard a boat exploded on Homer. Anyone hear what happened

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