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    Leupold Mounts for Model 70 Featherweight in the 300 WSM

    I bought a new model 70 in the Featherweight 300 WSM. All my rifles have Leupold bases and rings and I would like to put a set on this one. I looked on Leupold's site and from what I can tell she should take the 50024 bases since she is post 64. However, there is a little caveat for that part...
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    Late Silver Run?

    I'm not looking for anyone to give up there favorite hole... With that out of the way the wife and I are looking for a place to catch some late season Silvers. I thought I read that the Kenai got a late run that had fish into late September. We are still catching them here in the valley but...
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    Unit 16 Drop Off Hunt

    Out Unit 23 bear hunt got all jacked up because of work schedules. I was thinking Unit 16 for a hunt closer to home. Can anyone recommend an outfit to fly us in for a drop hunt? This would be a fixed camp hunt no floating.
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    2015 Kotzebue AK - Who's Going Caribou Hunting

    Two years ago we flew in Sunday, It got cold Monday night and Tuesday morning the rivers were frozen. Now, this year was a bit to warm but we had fun :) Heading back in May to thin out the bear population. Day 3 of packing meat. As a side note, if this is your first trip pay attention to the...
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    ProGrade Ammo at Sportsmans

    Anybody shoot this brand? I was at Sportsmans yesterday killing time and noticed a fair amount of this on the shelves. They had 375 H&H in 235 grain TSX. Never heard of Prograde before. It was about half the price of the Barnes I shoot although that doesn't mean much. If anything it could mean...
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    Upper Valley Rivers?

    Thinking about heading up to Montana Creek area tomorrow for some rainbows.. It's been raining pretty good here in Wasilla. Anyone have a report on the water levels up that way?
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    Montana Creek

    Fished this morning and leaving now.. Fish at the mouth.
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    45 ACP Small Primer Pocket

    So I have been loading for a little over a year and never knew that some 45 ACP brass had small pockets. I discovered this because one got into my cleaned brass and obviously, when I tried to prime it, no go. I was going to do a little research online but thought I would ask here first since I...
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    Chickaloon Area?

    We are heading out that way Sunday to do some bear hunting but before I load the sleds up I wanted to make sure there is enough snow down along the road that we can get back into the hills.. Has someone been out that way that can report on the snow at the road? A report would be much appreciated..
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    Searching for specific posts?

    I like to find posts related to specific calibers when in the handloading forums. The problem is I everytime I search for say "375 H&H" I get the old, I'm sorry your search is to short or returns to many results. I seriously doubt that there are that many results for 375 H&H so it's the length...
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    Unit 23 Weather 2nd 3rd Week September

    My father is coming up in September for a bou and moose hunt. He's up in years but in good shape although I don't know about spending a week out of camp with really cold weather. I know what it's like down in Unit 13 that time of year so in comparison, what can we expect hunting out of the...
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    Very Nice Ballistic's Comparison Site

    I thought this was a very good site to compare up to 8 calibers and different loads at one time. Choose Ballistic Comparison under tools on the left. I'd be interested in hearing your opinion. As a note, I have nothing to do with this site. Just found it when I was comparing some loads for the...
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    Remington's Website

    I have been trying to get to their website for the last 2 days and keep getting the ol "Problem Loading Page" error. Does anyone else have this problem?
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    PWS Snow?

    Anyone been out of Whittier in the last week or so? How's the snow line looking? We are heading out Wednesday morning and just thought I'd check to see what's happening out there. Thanks
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    Hornady AP Progressive throwing different Charges

    I bought this press a couple months ago and had some issues with it throwing some different charges that varied by .1 or .2 grains either way. I posted that on here and there was some discussion around flake verses ball powder and their weighing accuracy. So, I got some Winchester and Reloader...
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    Any breathing room with OAL in 40 S&W

    Setup my rig for 40's last night and I had some trouble. In general I have 10-15 rounds that are 1.136-1.145 when the OAL should be 1.135 Is this variation acceptable? If there is even a remote chance that it's not I'll get rid of them but I was just curious if there is any room for error in...
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    40 Cal Taper Crimp Die Problems

    This is the first time for setting up the bench for 40's. I have a Lee 10mm Taper Crimp Die that I can not get the crimp to work right and I am pretty frustrated. The site I bought it from shows it as a 10mm & 40. I know it's my setup or something I am doing wrong so I need some help. I have...
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    Load and springs in 1911

    As everyone knows I'm new to reloading. My son and I loaded up some rounds using 4.2 grains of bullseye with the appropriate round nose copper plated bullets (can't remember grains but it was right according to lyman book). We hit the range today and the load is very accurate but, he replaced...
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    Bou hunt for father this summer?

    My father is just icthin' to come up here and kill a bou is year. I drew a Tier I tag so I cant hunt with him but I'm certainly going along to get him his bou. He is 71 and this hunt is about him not me. I was looking at some areas to take him and thought I would ask some folks on here for some...
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    Small but big variation in load

    Something that kind of concerned us was the charge coming out of our Hornady Progressive loader. We loaded up some 185 grain copper with 4.2 of Bullseye. The charge was right on 4.2 for about 10-12 rounds then we got 4.4, 4.1 etc.. I thought flake and ball powder was supposed to measure...

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