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  1. joefish00000

    Searching for my taxidermist....

    Hello, I am seeking any information regarding Kings of the North Taxidermy. Has Anyone else gone through Ken? I Cannot seem to get ahold of this guy, its as if he fell off the face of the earth. I am getting Very Nervous, He has my once in a life time Delta Bull Bison Skull That he was...
  2. joefish00000

    2014-15 season pictures

    Trapping fox has been good this year
  3. joefish00000

    Anyone been out calling yet?

    This Season as started off pretty hot! So far have callen in and shot 2 fox this early season. Time on the trapline offers plenty of times to call.,.
  4. joefish00000

    2014 Hunting Photo Gallery

    Delta Bison Delta Bison Filled my once in a lifetime tag!:)
  5. joefish00000

    Delta Bison

    I just returned from the hunt of a lifetime! I drew Delta Bull Bison for the 2013-14 year and finally filled the tag! This hunt was much more difficult than i had anticipated, but fun none the less! Was able to get a shot at the patriarch bull of the heard of 30 we located. After 6 shots through...
  6. joefish00000

    Are you Getting Anything?

    I had sets out for about 2 months and connected on a pair of lynx. also ended up with 30 rats and 1 mink. limited trapping for me as i was only on foot. Im done for the season as populations seem to be down...
  7. joefish00000

    christmas present on my line

    caught my first mink of the season too!
  8. joefish00000

    christmas present on my line

    Well, it has been a long season of trapping! I have had about 30 sets out for about 2 months now. My line this year was mainly targetting fox, coyote, mink, otter, muskat, and posible lynx.. I checked my bait pile yesterday to find a christmas surpsise is my snare set!:) This is my first real...
  9. joefish00000

    denali/paxson area snow conditions

    can someone give me a weather report? I was planning on heading up to that way and was wandering what the conditions were looking like. i was planning on doing some early season predator and ptarmagin hunting. Is the denali hyway closed? how much snow is on the ground up there? how cold has it...
  10. joefish00000

    The official Unit 13 caribou thread. (2013-2014)

    shot these two bulls out on our week long moose hunt! bulls were few and far between, we were happy with what we got!
  11. joefish00000

    DM332 access help!

    i need to know what trail to take to get into the unit. ive heard you can take the swede lake trail and make it to the unit. what do the trails look like? trail conditions and required rigs?? what other trails can brin you into the unit?? i really need the help, thanks guys
  12. joefish00000

    DM332 alphabet hills HELP

    im in need of help, i drew DM332 unit 13 any bull moose. i am struggling to figure out how i will get into the hunt area. we have buggies, but have never been in that area so i dont know what trails to take. what im looking for is advise. has anyone done this hunt before? what trails did you...
  13. joefish00000

    My first bear!

    well i never thought i would connect after all the unsuccessful trips.. it can be done! kenai road system black bear! my first bear ever! squared out at 4 1/2 feet, not a big bear at all, but i couldnt be happier to have finaky killed my first black bear:) a huge thanks to my buddy eric for...
  14. joefish00000

    Trap theft. ive never been this pissed off in my life....

    had about 300bucks in trapps stolen from me between last thursday and sunday. I cant even begin to explain my fustration.. the thiefs followed my tracks down a nice line i had set up. they took everything. they took every set i had in that slough.. i guess its time to put up some trail cams..
  15. joefish00000

    2013 Hunting Photo Gallery

    helped my bro fill last years tag:) helped my bro fill last years tag:)
  16. joefish00000

    The official Unit 13 caribou thread.

    succses succses my best freind had a tag to fill so us bros headed out last weekend to try and fill it! we drove 700 miles, stayed 3 overnights and were able to connect on a meat cow for my best freind karl:) who says 2, 17 year old kids cant do an epic hunt by themselves?! we pulled it off!
  17. joefish00000

    DM332? anyone?

    hey guys, well finally i was lucky! I drew a delta bison permit AND an any bull moose permit unt 13 DM332. So now i have to figure out how im going to get to the hunt area! Typicaly every year we head out of eureka in buggies and drive past the big O over to the goose river area to hunt moose...
  18. joefish00000

    Let's hear your story...

    well my story comes from my first predator hunt, and so far my best! it was early season, and i remember the exact date, nov 9th.. the day before lynx season.. my good freind kevin and i headed into the hills in his sprungover fj40 landcriuser on 39.5 18in boggers! I had just bought a foxpro...
  19. joefish00000

    this fox...

    ok this has happend 3 times in the past 3 days! i made some sets for muskrat in a swamp im trapping. I just made feeder hut sets wired to a stick so they jump in and drown.. well it seems a smart fox has figured this out! the past three days, at the exact same set, a fox has dug up the hut and...

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