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    Worst trapper ever - HELP

    In January I found a moutainous area where there was a lot of wolverine sign, really fresh tracks everywhere. I put out seven #330 body traps and one leg hold, MB 750 set. The body traps I mounted on angled trees and then tied off wire baskets with pieces of moose, caribou and fish parts. I use...
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    Scott Trim Nozzle????

    Thinking about installing a Scott Trim Nozzle on an inboard 200 hp Mercury Sport Jet and I was hoping someone had experience running one. Is it worth the expense ($2k + install):question: It will be installed on a 23' foot aluminum Wooldridge Alaskan XL. Thanks for any information.
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    All New - Wooldridge 23' Alaskan XL Sport Jet

    I live in Dillingham, Alaska and I have been sport boating in the Bristol Bay area for about five years. The Bristol Bay region has many diverse and challenging water systems. When I moved to Dillingham I was a novice boatsman and after spending two weeks on the Wood River and demolishing two...

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