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    Scott Albany Modification

    One more photo:
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    Scott Albany Modification

    A few more photos:
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    Scott Albany Modification

    I decided to learn a little about fiberglassing and attempt a modification of my Scott Albany. The learning curve was very steep. The result is a little crude, but I hope it will be strong and serviceable. I used epoxy resin, a layer of 10 oz. cloth, two layers of 17 oz. cloth, and three...
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    Family Flees to Siberia Wilderness

    On January 29th, 2013, the Smithsonian Magazine published an amazing story about an Old Believer family living without human contact for over 40 years. In 1936, after his brother was murdered by communists, Karp Lykov fled with his wife and two children to a narrow, forested mountain valley in...
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    How are surface-drives working on shallow rivers?

    I’m wondering how surface-drive operators on shallow rivers are liking their rigs. Are surface-drives now the state-of-the art for shallow water canoeing? Better than conventional outboards with lifts? Better for canoes than any other propulsion? What do you like best? Any flaws? Which...
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    Stuck jetboat recovery and anchor setting

    Consider this predicament: You’re single-handed, and stuck in shallow water. If the boat weren’t stuck, the current would force it down a channel with even shallower water. Nearby, off to the side, there’s water 2 feet deep moving at about 5 mph. The bottom of the 2-foot water is covered...
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    Remote Cabin Foundation Repair

    I have a twenty-year-old remote cabin built on what I think are utility pole piers. Most are about 20 inches in diameter. They are all short, about 6 to 12 inches above grade. I think they are creosote-treated. At least one is rotting and needs replacement (from roof runoff, probably). I...
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    Hudson Bay vs Small Jet Boat

    One day, I’d like to downsize to a smaller boat. The discussions here about canoes and surface drives seem very promising. Here’s the application: Operate in a silty, braided river with current speed averaging 5 but sometimes 10 mph. There are plenty of gravel bars, sweepers, shallow...
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    Log Cabin Kit (3-sided logs) versus 2x6 Construction

    I was pondering the relative merits of 2x6 construction versus 6-inch or 8-inch 3-sided logs in a prefabricated kit. The cabin(s) would notionally be between 12x16 and 16x32 with lofts and 12:12 roofs. Here are some thoughts. What do all of you think? True? False? Are there any other...
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    Back in the old days...

    I would like to honor the Alaskans of the past by learning how they lived back in the "old days". Knowledge of those days is fading with the passage of time. That's to be expected. But perhaps on this thread we can save and preserve some of what the old-timers knew and what they did. I've...
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    Stuck boats and Hi-Lift Jacks

    Here's a question for all Hi-Lift enthusiasts: how have you successfully used them to get unstuck? Have you used them with chains, straps, ropes, and anchors for pulling? Have you lifted vertically to get skids or rollers under the boat or to break suction out of mud? Have you wedged them...
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    V-8 jetboats are dead?

    Last week, I stopped by a boat dealership looking at some of their jetboats on the lot. Soon, a salesman walked over and in a friendly and helpful manner inquired if he could answer any questions. We talked a few minutes about the nearest boat with a mercury 200 hp sportjet. I don't have a...

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