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    found rifle

    hey all found a rifle when we were out moose hunting, we were in unit 13. pass the word, please help me get it back to it's proper home. PM me with the details.
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    satellite tv

    hey all, drove up a motorhome (used, but new to me) from the states. it came with a freedom by motosat satellite tv connection/dish on the roof. I'm curious if anyone has one of those systems up here? so far I've only tried turning it on while camping in Eureka a few weeks ago and it wasn't able...
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    Show us your Polaris Ranger 6x6!

    cab is awesome.
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    extended warranty

    just wanted to see what some opinions out there are regarding an extended warranty and if it is worth it. or which option you bought of the extended choices. I purchased a new 2011 Polaris Ranger 6x almost a month ago. would've been nice to pick it up earlier in the summer but took longer than...
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    late run king counter on the Kenai?

    what is the deal with the king counter? did I miss something? why does it say "Biased high by unknown amount" after the count? aren't we to assume that already. does that apply to the red count also? catch one for me this weekend. or save me one till I can sneak down there.
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    hey guys I'm wondering what are you using to treat your boots? I've got a set of danners that are great but it is about that time for another water proofing layer. so if you don't mind sharing your secrets or traditions. what product or products? how do you apply? I'm looking for the whole...

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