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  1. akdube

    potbuilder...look at this creature!

    Got these in our shrimp pots . That'llget em going
  2. akdube

    need 2 barrel holley rebuilt

    Any buddy you folks could reccomend in wasilla.
  3. akdube

    How close are the silvers in whittier?

    Curious as to how far out we will have to travel to find silvers this weekend. Hoping ester island is as far as we'll need to go but may bring more fuel if you fellas think its warrented. Thanks and tight lines
  4. akdube

    Whittier retrieving.

    When they open two launch lanes to retrieving why not open the two that the wind blows IN TO? I had an inexperenced boater bang into my boat on sunday mid day. Not really blaming him as we all need to gain experence. And he apologized many times but it would be so much easier if they opened the...
  5. akdube

    Ice in the sound?

    Just curious where you all are still seeing bergs floating around. Two weeks ago they were everywhere down coghill way. Still lots around or is it lightening up? Also how bout other areas we should maybe hold off on exploreing next weekend. Im sure we'll be the only boat out there.
  6. akdube

    Do you guys worry about your boats when it gets below freezing at night?

    So being new to the "big" boat world and itching to get out. I have an inboard with a duo-prop. When it gets below freezing on the water is there anything you do to keep water from freezing? How about when you get out of the salt and flush. I really dont want to winterize my motor or house water...
  7. akdube

    What do you keep on the boat for emergency repairs?

    I keep some duct tape two fuel filters hose clamps socket set wrench set misc electrical connectors and a spare coil and distributor cap and button a spare belt for each on the boat. Oh yeah some emergency tape also.
  8. akdube

    How many fiberglass boat guys dont have a dingy?

    Pro of coarse is you can get to shore and its a safety net of sorts. Cons take up space. Cumbersome. I just bout a fiberglass boat 26' and dont really have the room. Should i make room?
  9. akdube

    Too early for halibut out of whittier?

    Just curious how early is too early. Ive caught them the middle of may but never tried in april.
  10. akdube

    Should I put a plate under my windlass?

    Installing a new windlass on my fiberglass boat should i put a plate on the underside of the fiberglass and bolt through it or is this over kill? Between the fiberglass and plywood core theres at least 1 1/2" of "meat". Thanks guys
  11. akdube

    Anyone else itching to get out?

    With the warm temps im really itching to get out. Fun tinkering on the boat but man id rather be in the sound. Anyone else?
  12. akdube

    Can an aluminum top make your boat too top heavy?

    Boat is 26' 8'6 beam inboard cabin cruiser. Fiberglass. Right now it has a canvas top in rough shape. Poles/braces everywhere hard to fish around. All aluminum for top will weigh about 300 lbs. ideally would like to put a 8' inflatable up there as well. 6'6" from deck to roof. So will this work...
  13. akdube

    Best windlass for the money?

    Just bought a 26' boat. No windlass on it currently. What would you all put on it for reliability and toughness. Just a swtich up front or one by the helm?
  14. akdube

    Boat storage for two months?

    Just bought a 26' boat. Would like to store in heated storage since its been in heat all winter and not sure how well its winterized. Anyone got some room. Willing to pay only need it till middle of april?
  15. akdube

    Fire island

    Any moose over there? How bout bears? I hear rumors just curious i know its all private land.
  16. akdube

    What a day outta Whittier

    Wicked nice day and the water was awesome got ten halibut biggest was 65 lbs all quality fish no chaulky ones how'd everyone else fair?
  17. akdube

    Halibut outta deep creek

    Any one been outta the tractor launch yet? I know there operating already. Are the fish starting to bite or move in close say within five miles? What time does that fish packaging place open where we buy bait? Been a few years since we been down there and gonna try for a trip next weekend If...
  18. akdube

    Mixing synthetic and conventional oil

    I just drained the conventional break in oil on my new inboard at 15 hours. I have to pump the oil out of the dip stick tube. So you can never get it all. I have about half a quart that I can never get out. Can I start running full synthetic from this oil change on? And will that half quart of...
  19. akdube

    Want to get rid of the pike in Alexander?

    Try this looks like it might just work.
  20. akdube

    Lake louise thread

    Well I'm headed up on Wednesday till sunday. Gonna stay in the hardside. Hope there are some fish left for me to catch seems as though its getting to be a more popular place all the time..

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