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  1. Spanman

    ISO: ITP C series type 7 wheel

    12" 5+2 offset (almost positive on this but not sure how to verify) non-beadlocking. Seems like this was a popular wheel around here and just looking for 1 wheel since I damaged the other. Shoot me a PM if anyone has any leads. Thanks
  2. Spanman

    Let's talk Oars

    So I have A ProP (which I luv) and am currently using Two peice Catarac Mini-mag 7.5' oars. I've replaced the set two years ago due to cracking but have 1 solid spare. This isn't the first set I've been thru, they seem to be attrached to rocks and don't hold up to well to regular abuse (I say...
  3. Spanman

    What do I do what do I do??!???! Trailer questions

    So I have a Yamaha Rhino and no way to get it around. I've been looking and lurking for a Aluminum 8X10 trailer to tow the Rhino behind my RV and truck. I started ramping up my research and what I want and so forth in hopes one of the local guys would have a sale going this weekend during the...
  4. Spanman

    Information trade: Atigun for Ribdon

    Float hunted the Atigun the last two years and looking on moving north to a new river and the Ribdon is it. Looking to trade info on rivers. Not general info either "it has water" looking for GPS points, location of swift water (If any) and other information. PM or Email. [email protected]
  5. Spanman

    Archers' Den has some smoking deals!!!

    Just got hooked up by Paul, he's got some dealer deals goin on...picked up a new bow for 50% off the ticket price. Don't know why (I tend not to question deals too much) but he's got several bows discounted 50% off the tag price. Hooked up and left the Den sighted in @20yds. Class act all the...
  6. Spanman

    Illegals from North Mexico (Cali)?

    Contractor from Cali thought it was standard practice I guess....
  7. Spanman

    Sportsman's show - will you still go?

    So depending on what you are wanting to go see this weekend at the Sportsman's show: lectures, booths, is a question to ponder. If Mt. No-Doubt will continue to blow it's top and keep the Airport shut down, no manufactures reps will be at the show...So we may be dealing with a...
  8. Spanman

    Tracking "Change" BHO tracking of promises and where he stands to date.....
  9. Spanman

    Try not to laugh...

    Back when I was younger my Dad had a 1980 Peugeot 102 SP moped he tooled around on...well he is coming for a visit next year and I was wondering if anyone here has an old rusted/crusted/locked up/poor excuse for something that resembles this style or look in a moped laying around. My plan is to...
  10. Spanman

    Metzler Rafts

    After years of wheeling and dealing I am trying to move up to a raft useful for family trips or float hunts. I currently have a Scanoe which is cumbersome and heavy and have a chance to "upgrade" to a raft. Has anybody heard of Metzler rafts? The gentlemen selling is a friend leaving state and...
  11. Spanman

    Seat for a scanoe

    I have an older scanoe (late 90's) and I've been putting the kids on the floor with some plastic stadium chairs, while secure and comfortable they get wet quickly and I am concerned about fingers getting stuck in the ribbing. Does anybody have an old wrecked canoe with a drop down style seat...
  12. Spanman

    Chitna Update

    Got a call from a buddy last night that chastized me for not going Dip-netting on Tuesday with him (It was my Anniversary so I had a good reason) but he and four others limited out. Wasn't pulling a King from every net but the action was hot. Just an update for anyone thinking of going soon...
  13. Spanman


    Stood on the banks for about 2 hours last night, saw a few rollers and the guy next to me hooked in to a large one but couldn't land him. Looks like they are still a couple of days out. Rumor around the area was sombody landed a 25 pounder, I say rumor because it wasn't on the end of my line......

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