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  1. skybust

    Big Su

    Is it still high or just normal conditions anyone been up kroto creek to fish creek if so what the water level on kroto bottom end of it
  2. skybust

    kroto slough by scary tree water level

    heading up to fish creek off kroto slough this weekend wondering if anyone know how the water level is in kroto
  3. skybust

    Looking for a new way to cook rabbit

    Want something different other than frying it. Anyone got a good way of cooking rabbit. Thanks
  4. skybust

    stick cabin or log cabin

    What are the advantages/disadvantages of a stick cabin vs log cabin thanks for input
  5. skybust

    81 more days

    But ha Im not counting LOL
  6. skybust

    Anyone been up to Lake Creek on the Yentna yet

    Heading up to my cabin on Friday was wondering what the water levels on the Yentna look like up to lake creek thanks for any info
  7. skybust

    Who all is going to cabins Memorial Day on the Big Su

    Im heading to my place just past Lake Creek on the Yentna on Thursday afternoon May 24 Ill be in a blue SJX If you see me waive
  8. skybust

    This weather sucks

    Wanting to get to my cabin on the Yetna river at this rate it wont happen. **** rain come on snow and colder temps
  9. skybust

    Dont want to be at work

    with only four days till opener I dont want to be at work only got ducks on the mind LOL
  10. skybust

    2017-2018 Regulation on line

    Fish and Game has them posted no changes for unit 14 eight birds a day 24 in possession only two can be canvasbacks
  11. skybust

    Lets start talking about anything who taking opening day off

    Not much talking going on with on with only 28 days 20 hours 27 minutes and 42 seconds till opening shoot whos all taking the day off
  12. skybust

    Duck stamps

    sportmans warehouse has both state and federal stamps
  13. skybust

    48 Days

    So 48 days till the opener whats everyone doing to get ready. Ive ordered another dozen Wigeon decoys, rewiring the EBAD.
  14. skybust


    Anyone been on it lately has it come up like the Big Su
  15. skybust

    Obrien Creek Launch

    Anyone know how it is this year. Can you even launch there this year how is the copper water level is it low like everywhere else
  16. skybust

    Lake Creek on the Yetna

    Anyone been to lake creek was wondering how the water conditions on the yetna that high up are wanting to go to my cabin at Fish lakes creek Thursday. I know the water is low hearing big jet boats cant make it because it so low
  17. skybust

    Pods on the back of a SJX

    Do you think it would cause it to cavitate to much
  18. skybust

    Trail camera

    So which one is everyone using. Why do you like it and cost.
  19. skybust

    Only 255 days till opeing day

    Already missing it cant wait for opening day come on Sept 1, 2017. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone.
  20. skybust

    Bird Hunting towars Eureka

    Anyone seeing any birds towards Eureka

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