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    Halibut /one any size/one 29 inch or less.

    Looking for feedback on new regulation for charter boats of one Halibut any size and one 29 inches or less. Those of you that have taken charters this year, will you charter in the future with the new regs in place? This pertains to area 3A central gulf, Homer,Valdez,Seward,Whittier, etc.
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    Anyone having problems with overheating wheelers do to clogged radiator.

    I only have this problem in the high country,the buck brush has so much pollen/dust and leaves it clog's the radiator so tight you can't clean it with a submersible pump. I've tried a wire brush, tooth brush. the only way I've found to get it clean is a pressure wash when I get home. Anyone...
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    Take advice on hunting with a grain of salt

    I say this because one mans devastating hunt is a walk in the park to another. I watch for statements like "we finished skinning after five hours" or" make sure you take a bear fence" That tells me the person is very inexperienced
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    Lease or Lend/ CHP

    They way I understand it, is if I'm not using my CHP for a couple of days a week,I can lend/lease it to another boat that doesn't have one,as long as they have the permit on board with them while their fishing and log in the CHP number in their logbook.
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    Winchester supreme/Nosler 180gr E-tip ammo

    I have a pre 64 Winchester, 300 Win Mag that will shoot 1" groups at a 100 yards with almost any ammo, I bought three boxes of the 180gr Winchester E-Tip ammo just to try something new, and I can't get a 12" group at 100 yards with it. Anyone have good luck with this ammo?
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    Everything boating

    I find this "don't get off topic" curious, don't all conversations evolve ? Can you imagine sitting down at a bar and starting a conversation about boat z's engine and having someone start talking about boat x's engine, and saying, "hey don't get off topic, this conversation is about my boat...
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    North river boats

    Did North river buy out Almar boats? or have they always been the same company?
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    89 3/4" halibut while deer hunting
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    NPFMC Still not balanced

    Governor Makes Nominations for North Pacific Fishery Management Council March 15, 2010, Juneau, Alaska - Governor Sean Parnell forwarded his nominations of Duncan Fields of Kodiak and James Hubbard of Seward for consideration by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce for seats on the North Pacific...
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    Would you turn someone into the fish cops

    if you witnessed them killing game out of season, if they really needed it. I wouldn't, I know people that live in the bush without freezer's, they have to shoot their game after season, every year so it doesn't spoil. I can see shooting a deer from time to time in southeast if you lived remote...
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    20A management ?

    Unit 20A is a perfect example of how ADF&G can screw up hunting areas with their micro managing. 20A was good hunting for the last 25 years, not to over crowded, plenty of bulls lots of cows, plenty of feed, It was not ready to crash, Then the brain surgeons at FBKS ADF&G decided that there...
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    Helicopter hunting ?

    Should helicopters be allowed for transporting hunters and gear in some areas for moose and caribou hunting to alleviate overcrowding ?
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    Religious music
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    What's the best long range scope

    For a 300 win mag, shooting up to 900 or 1000 yards ?
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    Need Mid 80's 75 evinrude jet parts

    Any idea where I can get jet bearings and the spacer for 75 HP Evinrude, In a hurry, none in Fairbanks that I can find.
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    Stolen ATV Fairbanks $1000 reward for return

    I recently got broken into and cleaned out. If anyone sees a 1997 Polaris Sportsman 500 that has a lot of custom features, contact me please. The rear rack is extended with a one inch tube steel rail. The front rack has a custom one inch tube rail and has a slot for a gun but on the right...
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    How is the one fish limit in 2c affecting charter business

    Just wondering how the one fish limit is affecting halibut charter business in Southeast. Are people still paying to go fishing for one Halibut?
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    Halibut Long-Liners Complaining

    I've talked to some Halibut long-liners in the last couple of days and their whining about their IFQ getting cut by 10% this year in area 3A. I reminded them that their IFQ had doubled for free since they got it in 1995, so even with a 10% cut their still up at the least 40%, thats if they were...
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    One Halibut limit in area 2C

    Starting June 5th 2009 the limit is one Halibut per person on charter boats in area 2C, With a max number of lines on any charter boat of six......Or one line per angler, The law suit is on the way.

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