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  1. salmon_bone


    Can you hunt waterfowl in the city limits when there is a city ordinance that states no shooting in the city? I am asking this because my friend lives on a stream and their neighbors are shooting ducks and they said a trooper told them it was ok during duck hunting season. Does state hunting...
  2. salmon_bone

    E.O. There goes the Knik Arm

    X-mas ornament......... that's HILARIOUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS :topjob:
  3. salmon_bone

    No bait on the Kenai

    Bait prohibited in Kenai River Posted by pdougherty Posted: July 22, 2011 - 2:38 pm From an ADF&G press release: Bait will soon be prohibited throughout the lower and middle Kenai River. From the mouth of the Kenai upstream to ADF&G markers at the outlet of...
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    UPPER COOK INLET COMMERCIAL FISHING ANNOUNCEMENT No. 12 The Upper Cook Inlet commercial drift fishery will be open to gillnetting in Drift Gillnet Area 1 and the Expanded Kenai and Expanded Kasilof Sections of the Upper Subdistrict on Thursday, July 14, 2011, from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. On...
  5. salmon_bone

    Hb 20

    I just received this.... AOC EMAIL ALERT HB 20. (House Bill 20). We all need to come out and testify on behalf of bill HB 20. (House Bill 20). It will give personal use fishermen priority over commercial fisheries. That way Alaskan residents will get to fill their freezers first. Below...
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    3 hungry dogs...

    The story of 3 hungry dogs.. There are 3 hungry dogs who are fed by a strong person who does not care who eats well or not.. Anyway.. It's feeding time for these 3 dogs and the person who feeds these dogs brings out a nice big juicy steak and throws it to these hungry dogs. Only 1 dog gets the...
  7. salmon_bone

    Egan Center Starting Feb 20.

    Who is going and why? ALASKA...
  8. salmon_bone

    Is this true?.....

    I read on the comments on the ADN under the Salmon harvest is best-paying in 18 years, Alaska officials say and Steve Runyan, from 3 rivers (I think), commented this.. Has anyone else heard about this :confused:
  9. salmon_bone

    Primer Sealant

    Has anyone used it? Is it worth using when reloading bullets?
  10. salmon_bone

    WHat's your opinion on this..Bad management or good thinking?

    New requirements for halibut charter operations will cut the fleet by more than a third in Southcentral Alaska next year.
  11. salmon_bone

    Another one closed

    2-KS-4-34-10 07/09/10 Kodiak King salmon fishing is closed by emergency order in the Sapsuk River, also known as the...

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