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    You know that guy?

    You know that guy? The guy they tell you "don't be"? Well, I'm that guy. I present this for your own edification and information, and you are free to deride my intelligence and judgement based on what you read below. I'm still a bit shook up. Yesterday in more or less calm seas (a touch...
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    Two for Two

    Last Saturday, we towed a skiff in from Decision point. Recent honda outboard, probably 90hp, no kicker. Yesterday, a fellow with a 2005 etec 225 went TU at the same place, and we were in the same neighborhood about a mile away. We turned to respond to his hailing but another gracious...
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    bivy shelter

    Used the golite utopia 2 floorless for solo sheep and solo moose this year. I didn't have any challenging weather, so keep that in mind, but at just over 2lbs it was a castle for one. Room to lay out your crap to dry it, no floor to worry about getting dirty - tromp on in with boots on and...
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    When the real work begins, Backpacks???

    I'm a big advocate of not spending more than you need to for a pack. But, I won't own junk. I have a small fleet of dana internal and external frame packs. The most recent is an older dana "alpine" that I craigslisted down in WA (near parents' place - they picked it up) for $50. This fall I...
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    a good charter

    Two more, one that Mutt hasn't seen... I'm holding the first two of a four-fish limit, caught in an hour.
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    a good charter

    Mutt's seen these before - these catches are one-day boat limits on kings, out of seward. I've not yet figured out how to consistently hang 20#+ fish, but an average size in the mid teens and no annual limit doesn't disappoint me too much.
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    Food/Sheep hunt

    I only eat mountain house if someone gives it to me, and even then, somewhat reluctantly. I'm a bit of a snob. And, I'll only eat it with a mittfull of couscous and a generous glop of olive oil in it. As is with no oily augmentation, it's too foofy (if that's a word) - kind of like chinese...
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    sheep hunting gun

    Remington 700 with takeoff SS mountain rifle barrel in 30-06, TI adl stock, talleys, leupold 6x36, flip-flop recoil pad. 6lb 8.5oz on my postal scale.
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    Trolling rod lengths, long or short?

    More: Luckily your videos show we the great unwashed how to rig a dodger properly so it swings side-side in a solid fish-attracting action, uh, um, wait, nevermind:
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    Trolling rod lengths, long or short?

    Yep, we're lost in space. Here are some photos of some of this year's kings, all of which were caught in southcentral saltwater (not Cook Inlet) using hardware. Imagine the carnage had I used a stumpy pole and herring instead.
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    Excessive Public Profanity

    What do you do when: Scenario #1, 2 days ago: While lifting weights at the Anchorage West Alaska Club, some late teen or early-20-something guy is doing some sort of weird calisthenic routine with his 40-something friend/mentor. Some sort of weird run-in-place then do five pushups then hit...
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    Diesel: Summer Fuel

    When can we expect to see summer fuel in the Anchorage area?
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    Jigging: Practical Application for Halibut

    Alright - the jigging thread has my attention. Based on my one summer's worth of experience so far out of Seward, it's no big trick to locate a rockpile and/or haystack of rockfish, drop jig gear (soft tails or Darts or Stingers or Krippled Herring or whatever), and hang as many blacks and...
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    Look Through the Pipe: Full Curl

    Captain Obvious here... As I was leafing through the old sheep judging post, something occurred to me - if you employ the pipe or tube to determine full-curl status, ensure that the pipe in use is cut off squarely, lest your view be skewed oval. I know I can't cut off a piece of pvc or abs...
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    Anchorage-area gunsmith

    Question for you folks - I need a gunsmith to do the following work: 1. Rem 700: remove barrel, then install new take-off barrel, check headspace, and set it back/rechamber as needed. 30-06 chambering. 2. Win 70 Pushfeed: remove barrel, and thread on take-off barrel which was rebored and...

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