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  1. DanielApplin

    Scott 852

    I was just checking to see if anyone on here or anyone lurking has an 852. I'm considering buying one for my next boat project and would like to check one out in person and possibly take a spin with it. I know this is a long shot because I've only ever seen one in a boat in Alaska getting...
  2. DanielApplin

    Donkey Creek Lake

    Made the adventure this weekend, dipped some hooligans, burnt some gas, and caught some pike. Got the boats all the way into the lake, and it was still mostly frozen. Managed to slay a few pike in the open areas but i think they are still pretty lethargic with the cold water temps. Good...
  3. DanielApplin

    chines and steering questions with UHMW

    Seeing if anyone has advice where to add some chines to get this boat to grab in the corners a little better. I cut the middle two strakes off that were about 8 feet long with the plastic install and lapped the plastic over the two strakes that were the full length of the bottom. Adding a...
  4. DanielApplin

    Lake ice condition in 16b

    Hey fellas, i figured i would post this here since the eyes in the sky could probably give me a better answer than anywhere else. Im looking to boat up the yentna river or alexander creek for some early pike fishing and was wondering if anyone has flown up there recently and noticed if Donkey...
  5. DanielApplin

    Anyone want to run 20 mile Saturday 3/28

    Just seeing if anyone wants to get their boat wet -Dan
  6. DanielApplin

    Fish lakes

    I am planning on doing a little ice fishing this coming week and was just wondering if anyone has any knowledge of where to fish in this lake system. Is it pretty much constant throughout or is one particular lake better than the others? Any size to the pike in these lakes? thanks
  7. DanielApplin

    Chulitna/Tokositna Rivers

    I was just checking to see if anyone had info or experience running up the Chulitna river and then continuing up the Tokositna and how far you can make it? How rocky is the Tokositna? What kind of boat you ran these rivers with? Is it possible to launch a boat in the river at the Chulitna...
  8. DanielApplin

    Boat registration

    Hey guys, I have a few questions about boat registration and maybe someone can point me in the right direction on where to find some better info. I'm looking for insight for a college project I'm working on and just wanted to get different points of view regarding the subject. I was just...
  9. DanielApplin

    True hp through a jet?

    So outboard motors are advertised to have 30 percent less hp with a jet vs prop and inboards are 10-15 percent, correct me if I'm wrong. My question is why will a 150 hp yamaha with a prop step and haul significantly more weight than a 200hp optimax inboard jet or a 302 in a similar hull. Why...
  10. DanielApplin

    Drawing tag question

    I have a question about moose drawing tags coming up. So if you put in for 3 bull tags and one of them is 100 percent draw odds will you ever get one of your first 2 options since your only allowed one tag and you are basically guaranteed the one that is 100 percent odds? Or could you possibly...
  11. DanielApplin

    Weird recovery of moose

    Tuesday morning I was hunting my last morning of my long weekend off from school. I usually walk around in the woods still hinting this time of year mostly scouting and not expecting to kill anything because of how thick it still is and harder to call. I mainly try to see a bull then go back...
  12. DanielApplin

    McClaren river bou hunt

    I have dc483 was wondering if it would be worth going down the river via jet boat around the end of August, I have little experience on Denali highway and was just looking for info to try and see if the river option is a good choice, thanks
  13. DanielApplin

    Trouble with jmax XS

    I have a 2008 160hp jmax extreme shallow and am having problems with cavitation. I have a solas 14/20 impeller that is fit nicley to the sleeve which is in good shape. It seems to cavitate more in bigger chop but today I took it to finger lake to do some load/weight testing and the boat seemed...

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