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    I did a Podcast

    So trying to upload a link. Did a podcast with a fellow alaskan here a while back. Nothing ground shattering but entertainment for these dark days at least.

    Dg720 13d goats

    Anyone in here have a tag they haven’t filled yet?

    Need flying help?

    So I’m building time in my super cub. If anyone needs a ride or do some local scouting etc drop me a pm, I can’t charge you for the flying just for half the operating expense. I think that’s like 30 bucks an hour roughly? Anyway. Keep me in mind love to meet some folks and keep building hours...

    New hunting quilt?

    Hey guys. I’m outa th gear loop this decade I think. Looking at getting a -10 degree quilt. I see EE has one, and I love my other EE quilt but wondered who else has come along in the quilt department that you guys have liked?

    This time last year....

    April 3rd last year we were running to the glacier up Knik. Flew it today and it’s all ice. Zero water at least upstream of the old bridge. Snow down to the banks still. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    What’s wrong with the forums?

    Draw results came out. Only a couple threads on draw hunts these days. Week before the results it was hot and heavy with attitudes and opinions. What, in your opinions, has caused the downturn in the forums? Opinions, disagreement, stupid posts, division, Facebook? It was at one time a great...

    August 2020 dall sheep hunt

    I have a guy that may not be able to make his trip this year due to job issues. I’m trying to refill his spot so I can get his deposit back to him. August 22-31 are the hunt dates. I do all the guiding, one client in the field at a time. Air taxi is included in the cost. Sheep number have been...

    BRWNBR. Meet. Kodiak Combos

    I’m just gonna leave this hear for now. Jeff Peterson. Kodiak combos. Why I haven’t done this before is beyond me. Winter goats in alaska. So sweet of fish and game To offer us a adventure hunt in the slowest months of the year. So nice of old harbor to have a maritime wizard like Jeff who gets...

    Kodiak deer with the family

    Took thanksgiving week off from school and took the new wife and two oldest boys down to Kodiak for some deer. A trip we have attempted for four years. This was a special trip, the one year anniversary of their mother and my wife of 18 years, passing away. We stood together on the knob where I...
  10. BRWNBR

    Cheapest 9mm ammo?

    So I have a Glock 48 and I work it out quiet a bit. But as with most things repetition gets spendy. Currently shooting federal aluminum for about .20 a round. Where can I find cheaper or is there someone that loves handload I can work a deal with??
  11. BRWNBR

    Spring Kodiak goats

    So I’m planning on taking my two boys to Kodiak in early March for some spring goat hunting. Looking for a hunt partner to split air charter costs up with and hunt together or not. I have dates set and kinda a clue. I have hunted alaska before and been to Kodiak a couple times as well. Lemme...
  12. BRWNBR

    My first summer not guiding...

    Wow. This had been a crazy ride for me and my family. I have been able to take the summer off from guiding and work on rebuilding a family. What a blessing. So I remarried. A retired veteran of the US Air Force, never hunted, a vegetarian, no kids. Man, she has been an angel, God knew what he...
  13. BRWNBR

    Sept halibut....Homer/Seward/Whittier?

    I have a client looking for a boat to take three people out for halibut next week sometime. I’m usually busy hunting so never fished the salt in sept. Is there things or places to lean towards or stay away from? It’d be me my wife and client.
  14. BRWNBR

    Meat in the freezer

    My second oldest drew a tag this year and I had hopes of finding him a monster bull but caribou activity was lower than normal, visibility down to about two miles and dang if this water caribou didn’t stand 600 yards from camp and look delicious. boy thumped him. It’s his second...
  15. BRWNBR

    Hatcher’s pass caribou

    Saw this on Facebook today. Took a screen shot from the video. Pretty cool. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. BRWNBR

    Kodiak brown bear hunts

    I will be putting up to three guys in the drawing for spring Kodiak brown bear starting with spring of 2020. Drawing is held in November. I do all my own guiding and run one client at a time. We have not taken a spring bear smaller than 9’ from this area yet and see bears in the 10’ class on...
  17. BRWNBR

    Transducer on a jet boat

    Where’s the best place to put a transom mount tranducer on my tunnel jet with pods? Any photos would be helpfull.
  18. BRWNBR

    Mercury 150 not running right

    I’m at 56 hours. Changed oil recently, replaced in line fuel filter, dumped fuel separator. Motor runs strong for a while then begins to surge, seems to surge worse on bumps or waves. Power is slowly lost. If I sit for a while at idle I get a good couple minutes then it starts to surge and power...
  19. BRWNBR

    Leaving carcass by the bait

    What’s everyone’s experiences with leaving bear carcasses by the bait station? I’ve left black bears by bait and now I have a grizz by the bait, to big to move. Has anyone seen this effect their activity or no?
  20. BRWNBR

    Bait station triple!!!

    Sat the bait last night with my wife and oldest boy. My wife was able to connect on her first animal ever. A small black bear boar came in and got smoked with the 243! Couple hours later s boar and sow grizzly came in. My 416 laid the 9’ grizzly out and he died six steps from my wife’s black...

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