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    Cook Inlet Chinook collapse.

    Something else,isn't he. Remember him completely closing the spring brown bear season to everybody due to covid. We have had some dandy commisioners through the years, but this one takes the cake.
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    2022 Kenai Harvest Reports

    On 12/6/22 adfg released an announcement that 2022 Kenai river sockeye escapements would not be finalized until inriver harvest is available in the FALL OF 2023!
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    Alaska's Fisheries Are Collapsing.

    Yes,indeed. A very interesting read. Thanks for sharing. I wonder if there is any data as to how much the trawl fleets contribute to the Alaskan economy in the form of taxes, supply purchases, employment, etc.. I have no knowledge at all about this, but I would be surprised if not most of the...
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    TV- When I took my Alaskan Registered Big Game Guide license oral exam, one of the examiners commented on my test score that I was "very opinionated". I took offense to this, thinking of it as criticism. Only later did I find out that he was stating that I was very opinionated about following...
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    As the original poster, I would like to request that negative comments about Nerka please not be part of this discussion.
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    Is the 375 H&H?

    Thanks ak bee and moose 338.. Haven't been following this. Glad I wasn't the target
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    Is the 375 H&H?

    I assume that this is directed at me, though I don't know what got your hackles up. I am a big fan of the 375 h&h. I have 2 of them. I have guided coastal brown bear hunts from yakutat to cold bay for 40 years. I do not consider myself an expert on firearms, but I really feel confident in my...
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    Is the 375 H&H?

    If it is not, it is damn close. Aw hell. It is.
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    Adfg advisory announcement 2022 UCI.

    While I disagree with your assertion that overescapement is not really a thing, I would certainly not oppose opening more river miles to personal use or extending the p/u fishery beyond its closing date in seasons of ----- overabundance?, since you say overescapement is not a thing, will not...
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    Adfg advisory announcement 2022 UCI.

    Yeah. And the kasilof exceeded their beg by over 650,000. Just wondering why the inriver harvest numbers for 2022 won't be available until fall of 2023.
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    Adfg advisory announcement 2022 UCI.

    Is it any wonder that ucida wants the feds to force the state to manage this fishery biologically rather than politically?
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    Adfg advisory announcement 2022 UCI.

    I do not know how to do the cut and paste thing, hopefully someone will. On Dec.6,adfg released an announcement reviewing the 2022 uci commercial salmon season. After giving escapement levels for the various watersheds and commercial harvests,it was reported that kenai river sockeye escapements...
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    Full 22/23 closure for king and snow crab

    Gottta agree with 33outdoorsman. Cook inlet sockeye without a doubt, are smaller on average than they used to be. Most of the drift gillnetters are using smaller web because of this. The commercial caught sockeye are sold by the pound. They are weighed. Gone are the days of a 6 3/4 to 7#...
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    Kenai Peninsula Taxidermist?

    Rick is a great guy and has certainly 40 + years of experience. Glad to see you refer him 4merguide. Did you get a chance to check out his waterfowl mounts? That is his specialty and they are outstanding.
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    Are Sea Lions Dangerous to Be Around?

    Mark, Don't want to start a p ing contest because I certainly respect your opinion with your many years of experience. But can't help but finding it ironic that in an earlier post you point out that a brownie can move 30 miles in a day( which I know to be true), and then use areas like Brooks...
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    ptarmigan weapon recommendation

    4merguide, I did too. Welcome to the idiot club
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    Are Sea Lions Dangerous to Be Around?

    Mark, Read this whole thread tonight, and while I respect your opinion and experience with the relationship of human- bear interactions,my experiences of 40 years of alaska bear hunt guiding in s.e alaska, kodiak and the ak. Peninsula differ from yours. First and foremost, I have experienced...
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    Beetles on the peninsula.

    Rick Richardson specializes in waterfowl. Does fantastic work.
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    Sadly, I found out today they we have lost a frequent contributor to these forums. Nerka was very opinionated but certainly extremely knowledgeable about cook inlet fishery issues. I learned a lot on this forum from him. There certainly were some very spirited discussions with those who...

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