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    What Sort of Rates to Expect for Air Taxi

    Hi all, I too am looking to fly out this coming fall for a deer hunt. I contacted Sea Hawk and they told me that they are only taking customers that had flown with them in the past, ie. repeat customers. As a new customer I'm out of luck. As others have said Andrews Air is out of business. I...
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    Looking for Alaska Bullet Works 225gr .358

    Thanks for the reply Dave. I am interested in the Alaska Bullet Works bullets. I have some other brand 358's. Thanks again!
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    Looking for Alaska Bullet Works 225gr .358

    I shoot 2-350's, as well as a 35 Whelen. I shot Nosler Partitions for years but now they seem to be out of production. I contacted Nosler more than two years ago and was told they were a seasonal production run item. Well that was over two years ago and they still haven't made any. So I too...
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    350 Remington Magnum

    OK here's my 2 cents for what it's worth. I have 2-350's, one in Remington M600 and another in Remington M7. Also, a model 600 in 6.5. I really like them all. And I have killed a pile of game with each of them. My favorite loads use Nosler partitions in 225 grain. Once upon a time I made...
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    Lake Louise boat launch

    Anyone been to Lake Louise in the last couple of days? Need to know if the boat launch is still open (ice free).
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    Lake Louise boat launch

    Anyone been to Lake Louise in the last few days? I wanted to get out on the lake before it freezes up. I might be too late.
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    Basic Med exam Doctor

    OK, here's my question for all the pilots out there. I am looking for a doctor that is willing to perform the "basic Medical" exam. Seems that all the FAA medical examiners will only do the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd class med. They won't touch the basic med. Other doctors don't know anything about...
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    Kasilof riding?

    Hi, I'm new to the Kasilof area and I bought a new machine. But now I need a place to ride. Any suggestions for a new rider? I've heard about the caribou hills but where exactly do I go to access the area? Is that area part of the refuge and is the refuge open to riding? Now that we got some...