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  1. rimfirematt

    What do I need for this bearing?

    Washing the boat the otherday and noticed a cap came off my trailer hub. Not sure if its just the cap missing or what. The other hub looks different. Here is pics of both hubs. Trailer is an ez loader. The hub with the spring and zerk seems to be fine. It's the other one with the weird nut and...
  2. rimfirematt

    Heading out to cape junken and back tommorow.

    The water/weather looks to goodto go to work tommorow (Monday). I'm going to shoot over to cape junken and try for halibut and rocks. I got a small boat, so not too many forecasts where I feel like trying to head out that far. But I've had it in some 4 and 5 footers and 6 foot swells and I...
  3. rimfirematt

    Homer has been tough to get halibut

    I have been out of homer twice this year. Having a real hard time getting any halibut of decent size. By decent size i mean over 10 pounds. Not that I know of any special spots or anything but it always seemed that one could fish anywhere out in the bay and just catch fish and always come home...
  4. rimfirematt

    Yukon River Boat trip

    I'm looking into cruising/camping the Yukon. Mostly just want to check it out. Lived here all my life and never been. Ill be bringing the fishing rods of course. Hopefully I can talk my Dad into coming. Be bringing my 21 Foot river runner with 200 prop, 9.9 kicker.. My boat holds 52 gallons of...
  5. rimfirematt

    Chums seem to be off esther

    I took the wife and kids to lake bay today hoping to slay the chums. As soon as we got there I saw salmon jump. Not alot but a couple. I rigged up one rod with a kone some flasher and a green silver hoard and the other rod with a green kone zone and a herring. We got zilch.. what the heck? I...
  6. rimfirematt

    Where can I get this shrimp bait can?

    These came with my boat. I think my dog took off with one. Where can I find one? I have some others but these seem to work great. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  7. rimfirematt

    What about these holes?

    One thing I didn't like is how the transom area of my boat fills with water while at rest. Seems like 20 gallons sloshed around in there. Should I plug these? Pic is only of one but there is one at the other side. Unfortunately they ran the transducer cable through the other. So before I tear...
  8. rimfirematt

    Go/No go ocean conditions

    In case no one knows already, I'll be running a river runner, 21' with outboard. I'd like to go out of homer and find some halibut. I'll never venture farther than compass rose and seldovia will probably be the farthest I go for the most part. When reading bouy data what are some red flags? Say...
  9. rimfirematt

    Floor removal, hewescraft river runner.

    I cannot figure out how this comes out in one piece..i dropped something down in there Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  10. rimfirematt

    What is this for?

    I got a lot of tackle included with my boat purchase. What is this set up for? I pit the herring helmet in there for reference. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  11. rimfirematt

    Honda service

    So where other than AMDS can I take my 200 Honda in for its 400 hour service. Wouldn't mind going to the penisula Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  12. rimfirematt

    210 Alaskan River Runner good for jet?

    Is this going to be a good hull for a jet? I thought they had to have flat bottoms for that. Option two I'm thinking is a hydraulic transom lift and put a lowater pickup on the outboard and just use a prop Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  13. rimfirematt

    hewscraft sportsman or sea runner with Outboard jet

    I'm in the market for I believe a Hewescraft sportsman in the 18 foot range, or searunner. How do these boats perform with a jet? I see a few here and there with jets on them.. I was just under the impression that a flat bottom is almost a necessity with a outboard jet. Also 20K for a 18...
  14. rimfirematt

    Info For March Bison hunting at Farewell needed

    I need some ideas about how to get to the hunt area. I've already dug up all 6 old threads. Snowmachine up the Iditarod? This sounds gear intensive, time consuming and risky due to mechanical failure/no snow. If I did this would I just fly back with everything? That seems to make the most...
  15. rimfirematt

    Annual 2017 I hate you / look at what I got list

    Looks like I'll be starting a how do I hunt this bison tag thread...but I could have worse problems I guess!
  16. rimfirematt

    What did I get.

    I just can't tell what these are? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G870A using Tapatalk
  17. rimfirematt

    who's hunting the opener?

    Man I haven't been this excited for grouse season in a long time. Got me a new hunting dog and can't wait to try him out. He's only trained to retrieve but still should be interesting and fun! I think I'll hit up everything between here and petersville.
  18. rimfirematt

    making blinds

    So how are you guys making your blinds? Especially out at the flats where there are no trees? Do you need just a front wall or do you need some sort of roof and back wall? Are you sitting or standing mostly? IF sitting what do you use?
  19. rimfirematt

    duck hunting starter kit

    I need some advice for a duck hunting starter kit. Duck calls, shells, chokes, how to rig my decoys, and an instructional video on how to duck call
  20. rimfirematt

    Tunnel Jon with jackplate and prop

    How would a 1860 tunnel jon work with a Jackplate and prop? I kinda am thinking of getting away from my jet. For the most part it is unnecessary for where I go. One spot I go, the chatanika, its pretty shallow for a mile or two. Depending on the year I've seen it as shallow as a few inches with...