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  1. Roger

    44 Mag. New Model super blackhawk

    44 Mag. New Model super blackhawk $800 located in Talkeetna Area . Never could load photos on here that's why I stopped posting on here. Message me and I can then tell you how I can get photos to you.
  2. Roger

    Sagebrush Dry Bag WATERPROOF Duffle bag

    Sagebrush Dry bag made in Alaska This is the mid size cavern. They are SOLD out on the site $300 if you live in state I can mail it for $12. No holes or anything only a few duct tape residue spots from where I put my name on it
  3. Roger

    Yukon stove M1950

    Anybody know what a NEW unused Yukon stove M1950 with all the parts is worth ?
  4. Roger

    Kryptec , Kuiu dealers

    Anybody in Ak sell this stuff ? After reading a bunch of reviews on different forums I need to try some jackets on for sizing before I spend $300 or more
  5. Roger

    Ghar jacket

    Anybody have a GHAR JACKET ? Im looking at this for a base layer under my jacket. Any good or bad about it ?
  6. Roger

    Foot gout and hunting

    Anybody recommend a doctor to go see about gout in the foot ? Got gout for the first time in June and barley made it through moose season with the pain and flare ups. Now I was planning on going deer hunting but on the way back up from the lower 48 had a major attack on the plane and can not...
  7. Roger

    Wasilla Arctic cat closed ?

    So when did Wasilla Arctic cat close ? Went there to pick up a part and nothing LOL!!!
  8. Roger

    Identify a ducks unlimited knife

    Anybody know a good site to identify a ducks unlimited knife . If the attachment does not work I will try something else
  9. Roger

    Korkers vortex 1200

    Anybody own a pair of the Korkers vortex 1200 ? Care to give any reviews Thanks
  10. Roger

    Moose calling 16 & 14

    Anybody having any luck with cow calls in 16 or 14 yet ?
  11. Roger

    WTB argo

    Looking for an argo other then the 2 listed on craigslist. If you have one or know someone drop me a Pm with what you have and price. Thanks
  12. Roger

    Domestic goats on Flat top

    Not sure if anyone is in on the My Home Is Alaska Facebook page. But someone posted photos yesterday of a lady walking her yard goats near the summit on flat top. Good discussion going on there about it
  13. Roger

    Firearm insurance ?

    Might be the wrong place to post. But Looking for info on where everyone is getting firearm insurance mainly for theft. My home owners wont cover them as I found out yesterday when I went to redo my homeowners insurance . I don't own many but would like to be covered Thanks
  14. Roger

    Gun safes

    Not sure if it's ok to put in the hunting forum . If not please delete or move it. Im looking at gun safes either a 10 or 14. I dont own many guns. But I do cherish them as a few were handed down. Anybody recommend one ? I definitely want a fire proof one, The more i look at reviews the more I...
  15. Roger

    17 HMR super mag

    So I bought a new Savage .17HMR and bought 6 boxes of the wrong ammo I bought 17 hmr 25 grain Winchester Super Mag anybody have any reg 17 hmr they want to trade or i will sell these
  16. Roger

    Alaska magazine sportsman warehouse coupon ??

    Does anybody have the recent Alaska magazine ? Is there a $20 off $100 coupon for sportsman's warehouse on the back cover ? Im going to town this weekend to pick up a new rifle. There is a rebate for $50 for the Savage Im getting but I remember the magazine use to have a coupon on the back...
  17. Roger

    tri pod shooting sticks

    Looking at getting tri pod hunting stick to take into the field while hunting. Anybody want to recommend a brand ?
  18. Roger

    Lure O Alaska arctic herring ?

    I tried to do some research but no luck. I came in possession of a case of 400 Lure O Alaska arctic herring lures No' 4 and No. 6 brand new in the boxes. anybody know anything about them ? who made them or price
  19. Roger

    NOAA week Forecast

    Someone have a link for the week forecast or where to find it ? New computer and forgot where I found it in the past. Thanks
  20. Roger

    Wasilla gunsmith

    ANy place to take a savage 3006 to get a barrel changed out in Wasilla ? I have the new barrel

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