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  1. La Pine

    7.1 Earthquake in Japan

    Another Earthquake in Japan this morning, wonder when were going to get a big one up here in Anchorage/valley. What are you doing to prepare for another large earthquake? Hope this gets people shairing ideas as to how to prepare to survive.
  2. La Pine

    Remington 11-87 Special Purpose Mag

    I Have a 11-87 Remington special purpose mag and want to remove the limiter or plug if you will so it will hold more rounds. Would appreciate educated input on this endeavour. I want to use this for self defence (Bear) in camp.
  3. La Pine

    Cartridge for Smith 500 Alaskan

    What cartridge are you using for the 500, best pattern, most knockdown vs recoil and so on?
  4. La Pine

    Fishing Vogel lake in Alaska

    Has anyone fished Vogel, if so what is the Trout fishing like and what should I use in July to catch them. Thank you much....
  5. La Pine

    Rental Cabin

    The Wife and I are looking for a reasonable priced rental cabin with skiff for crabbing and fishing in the P.W. Sound for July 2010. Any Ideas with first hand experience. Thanks, Rob