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  1. WildlifeProclivity83

    Barney's Bob Frame or Moose Pack? Where did they go?

    Hey folks, I'm curious... I've been thinking of getting the Barney's freighter frame, but I'm a 5'4" shorty and I believe the regular Freighter Frame is too big for me. However, I was perusing the Barney's Sports Chalet website and have been unable to find either an option for the shorter...
  2. WildlifeProclivity83

    Sheep shape, girl style

    Has all you sheep shape workouts pay off this season?Anybody having any luck this year with sheep! This was my first sheep hunt and I was lucky enough to get a 7/8th curl 8yoa sheep. Very happy and blessed!
  3. WildlifeProclivity83

    Any Luck with Stickin' a Bear this Spring?

    Hey Bowhunter breathern! Just curious if anyone is having any luck stickin' a bear with your bow! I was able to stick this chocolate with my Bowtech Heartbreaker, but I know there are a lot of traditional archers as well as modern archers out there! Cheers!
  4. WildlifeProclivity83

    Spring Time Fun!

    With all this nice weather and the bears decending from the high places, I've been getting out more and more. Was lucky enough to harvest a chocolate phased black bear with my Bowtech Heartbreaker. First big game harvest with my bowtech and first big game harvest in three years with a bow...
  5. WildlifeProclivity83

    A few recent ptarmigan outing pics

    Great job Burke! Nice looking dogs and birds. I also go out last week for a little spring-time ptarmigan action with my bow and dog, Deke. It was a wonderful weekend with sunny skies, "comfortably" cold temps, and a light breeze.
  6. WildlifeProclivity83

    Archery 'em here!

    Ptarmigan Fun w/Bow Ptarmigan Fun w/Bow My first "batch" of Ptarmigan with the bow. Good times, sunny skies, and a faithful dog....doesn't get much better than that!
  7. WildlifeProclivity83

    Spring Time Fun!

    I went out this weekend with bow in hand and my faithful dog, Deke. I had my eye on some ptarmigan that a friend had told me about. It was a wonderful day chasing them around the mountain side and a beautiful blue bird day with light winds. I was able to arrow 5 with my n "small game" bow...
  8. WildlifeProclivity83

    Portable Winch?

    Is a portable gas-powered winch considered a form of "motorized transportation"? Doesn't seem to me, since I'm not "riding" it, but I cannot assume that I think like wildlife regulators. What is your take on this question?
  9. WildlifeProclivity83

    Hunting stories or photos from this fall?

    Here's a pic of me and a Nelchina 'Bou from September. I seem to never make it easy on myself :shot: when it comes to hunting, but they always make for good hunting stories. For this one, it was coming to the close of the season and the caribou were finally starting to move into the...
  10. WildlifeProclivity83

    Grizzly in Sourdough Campground

    Has anyone heard about the grizzly in the Sourdough Campground on the Richardson Hwy. I heard it's torn up a couple of tents and got into a truck? Is this true?
  11. WildlifeProclivity83

    Need a Moose Hunting Partner!

    I know this is a stab in the dark...but... I'm looking for a partner for a canoe moose hunting trip in GMU13B. My other partner has backed out and I have the entire last week of season off to go. I really don't want to go by myself, but I will if forced (and will come prepared for hell). I...
  12. WildlifeProclivity83

    Women Hunting Clothes: What works ?

    Here's me in the Brooks Range attire. Cabelas fleece pullover, buff neck gaiter, Avery fleece beanie, Underarmor baselayers (top/bottom), Helly Hansen Impertech (in my pack), outdoor research gaiters, Max1 nylon pants, & crazy creek chair.
  13. WildlifeProclivity83

    Bowhunting 'Bou in GMU13?

    Little apprehensive about crowding issues, but wanting to give 'bou in GMU13 a go with my BT Heartbreaker. Has anyone had any experience? I was thinking either utilize a boat/raft/canoe to get away from the road and look for heavily used trails to set up an and stalk. Your...
  14. WildlifeProclivity83

    Valdez Outfitters "Bold Eagle" for Halibut in PWS

    I have been unable to find information on AOF for Valdez Outfitters. Has anyone used them for salmon or halibut charters? What was your experience? Any information is appreciated.