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    What is a successful hunt?

    I have enjoyed reading this post and all the responses. I can understand both opinions. But definitely am on the side of success = coming home with fish/fowl or animal. My younger years, "success"absolutely was filling my tags. At that time, food was my goal and a necessity. Yet as I get...
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    Ice fishing trip for Halibut trip?

    Hello everyone. I am looking to see if there is anybody who might be interested in taking me ice fishing preferably out to spear some pike but I am open to tip ups and jigging, or jigging for other species. I am coming into the Anchorage area Feb 22-26. I can drive up to the valley no...
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    Archery Caribou

    For all the bow hunters who have hunted caribou along the Haul Rd/Dalton HWY. I have questions. I am thinking to head up next fall-August. My background is mainly bow hunting Whitetails. I have shot a lot of WT with my bow, both tree stand and spot and stalk. Also a couple black bears. My...
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    Freighter canoe dealers?

    Seriously would like to get a freighter canoe that I can run a prop or jet motor on for my hunting trips. Any dealers here in Alaska? Thanks
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    Shrimp newbie with success

    Hello everybody! Just wanted to thank you all for the advice and tutelage on shrimping. I have learned a lot through the forums and discussions with members. I bought some pots from Potbuilder (from this site) last year and finally got out to use them last week! My husband and I went out...
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    What kind of fish?

    Caught this fishing PWS in 110ft of water, curious what it is?
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    Halibut by Kayak?

    So, I am in Cordova for the summer, poor me! I know, right?! Any who... I would like to venture out and try to catch myself a halibut, I have a Kayak, but I also have a 16 foot inflatable. I know I have to be careful. But thats not my post. What I really want to know is if there are any...
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    bare hooks/ reds

    I read something here about fishing bare red hooks for reds, but cannot find anywhere where it states size. What do you guys recommend? Is this in a drift set up? Yarn where needed I presume.
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    Hi all, I was not sure where to post this, but I was wondering what issues I will have to be concerned with for my dogs when we move up? I have a Lab and Gordon Setter. We will be in the Fairbanks area, can they handle the winter? My dogs live in the house with me, but of course must go out...
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    When talking about Gulkana river, can someone tell me where the Forks are as a land mark?