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    New color shifting powder paints on ice jigs!

    You say the powder is color shifting. So you should be good with most anything for the tin foil hat. Of course since there are two of you you could try a different shifting color each. Can never be too careful with tin foil hats. You do great projects by the way.
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    Thinking about getting a mature duck dog

    Congratulations to both of you. Very exciting for you and her.
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    Checking in

    Congratulations momspond, not as many as should, reach the point they know they have everything they REALLY need and the things that matter.
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    Holy Grail Boat Glove

    Not sure this suggestion will be Holy Grail, but I use water ski gloves. They have synthetic suede on the palms and fingers. Light neoprene glove. They do dry fairly quickly and give very good grip. I also use them when fishing during colder weather or cold water. Might be worth a try.
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    Copperhead Dealer???

    Possibly looking for mainer_in_ak took me awhile to remember his handle. No idea how to contact him
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    New software issues and help.

    Thanks Dave. I found where you talking about "New Posts". I only get the letter. Latest Activity I did get the post from 2020. Maybe it's my Mac, or as usual maybe it's me. Thanks for the help
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    New software issues and help.

    Another issue I have, most likely me not knowing how to get around it. Some posts, currently the post on Retort Canning, when I click on it I get what appears to be a letter form of the first post. I cannot get to any of the responses, last I saw 18 responses listed. This occasional letter...
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    Updated forum

    I agree with Catchfish2, I was unable to sign on. No response from multiple request to the emails listed for the forum. Finally after over a week I found a place to create a new account and sign back on. I'm surprised Catchfish2 was able to send a message on the forum without being signed on...
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    New software issues and help.

    With the new upgrade I was unable to sign in. Finally today I was able to create a NEW account. I wrote to the email provided and used the link to the email at least 4 times with no response. I'm not much of a contributor but I do read the forum several times a day. I have friends in AK and...