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    Show us your Polaris Ranger 6x6!

    a couple more
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    Show us your Polaris Ranger 6x6!

    just finished my custom aluminum roof on my new 6x6. Its sturdy enough to glass from. Gonna mount the spare up there. I see some of you have a aftermarket tool box instead of the plastic one. are those custom jobs or is there somewhere that sells ones that fit in there?
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    2014 Hunting Photo Gallery

    Walk in draw permit, 10 year old double broomer, very happy for my first sheep! 365 yard shot with a 7mm Rem Mag. Was in the mountains five days, saw dozens of rams and not another human. This is how I believe sheep hunting in Alaska was meant to be enjoyed.
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    Searching for a new tent..

    I got one last year and used it on a goat hunt. I left the bug net out and used a trekking pole for the center to cut weight. We only had moderate winds around 20-30 mph and it help up great. It was plenty of room for me, my wife and both our packs. I would not plan on sleeping three adults...
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    Port Dick goat hunting experience?

    I think I forgot to mention it when talking to you but be sure to get and use some crampons. I used the Kahtoola Alumium 10 point ones and my wife used the Kahtoola Microspikes. We wore them 90% of the time and they really helped keep your feet planted. Both can be picked up at Barneys. Also...