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  • Sitka celsius jacket - sb large mountain mimicry

    sitka celsius bib pant - reg - sb large mountain mimicry

    sitka 90% pant - tall - sb xl mountain mimicry

    Maybe the vest but I not sure. I would also like to take a look at the pack.

    Hey, I got my top finished it turned out real nice. Between yours and the one from the PRC forum I got it worked out. I had it done out at Weld Air for about $175.
    Hey! I just wanted to give you compliments on your thread 'Mr. Hold-a-Spot'. It's been an EXCELLENT read. Thanks for creating it. ~COtoAK
    ok reading your post explain to me how that would of happened and how do think that they can you the person to pay that..for it there mistake is not ..
    is there anyone on the city side could get inbetween the company and the people and say hay it your guys mistake deal with it..
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