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    Su Dipnetting 2022

    I've been dragooned by the fam into going to the Su for dipnetting in 10 days or so. Have never fished the dipnet area but I believe I've run down there from the Deshka a time or two just boating around....any info on the water, etc? A bit concerned whether my boat is too big in case the...
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    Sno-go trailer work?

    Looking for a trailer shop somewhere in Los Anchorage or the valley to look at a Polaris 4-place sno-go trailer....I think I'll need the surge brakes replaced: confirming that is beyond my knowledge; doing the actual work is beyond my laziness quotient. :sad: Any recommendations or experiences?
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    Conex at Remote Location

    Thinking of putting a 20' Conex at the cabin for dry-ish and secure-ish storage.. looking for any thoughts / experiences: I've got a contact to get it hauled in and I have good ground (gravel with good drainage) to put it on but just wondering about folks experience out in the boonies: -...
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    Pavement Based Big Tires?

    Looking to get insight from anyone that flies a Cub, -12, or similar from the pavement (i.e. Merrill) and back with big tires: Time has come to replace my 29" Airstreaks. The crowd at the dedicated -18 forum pushes bushwheels pretty hard...but I just can't quite get comfortable with the...
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    Snowblower on ATV / UTV?

    Has anyone ever put a snowblower on their ATV or SxS? My snow removal equipment is slowly dying and, since I have to replace the plow blade that I use on my Polaris Sportsman and the walkbehind snowblower is on it's last legs, I was thinking of putting a blower on my Sportsman or possibly on...
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    Sno-go tiedowns / e-track

    Just got a new enclosed trailer for the sno-go's (and ATV) tie-downs in in and was thinking of using e-track as it seems flexible for varying locations / items to be secured. Any thoughts / experience / recommendations regarding e-track? No experience with anything other than T-bars and...
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    Haines Eagle Photography

    The wife is a fairly enthusiastic nature photographer and would like to take pictures of the eagles gathering outside of Haines. Does anyone know if this is doable this year (we'd be flying in / motel-ing / renting a car) in the age of COVID? I understand the annual festival is cancelled this...
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    Big Lake (near Anch) Fishing?

    Recently ended up getting a place on Big Lake (i.e. near Houston, AK). It's been an interesting experience. Haven't done much of anything there since 3 days before dirt (i.e. when I was a kid). Recall there was some fishing back in the day (that would be the '70's) but haven't done anything...

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