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    Puppy body grip education

    How do I teach a puppy to stay away from my bodygrip sets?
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    Problem importing firearms from Russia for a hunt

    A sheep hunter from Russia wants to bring his US made H-S precision rifle with him on the hunt. He got the hunting license, and applied for the permit with the ATF, according to instructions on their website. His application was denied, because apparently ATF has a DOS approved list of firearms...
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    Surface Drive Motor on Upper Skwentna

    I am getting mixed response on this. Some people say it is possible, others say it will not be possible at all. Can I use a mudd motor, either a mud buddy or a go devil on a 18ft jon boat to go up and down upper skwentna above happy? A person who uses a jet motor there advised against using a...
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    Rules for exporting raw trophy out of US by the hunter

    A russian hunter is coming out to hunt Dall sheep this fall. He wants to take raw trophy back to russia with him in checked baggage. USFWS office said that he will need to present the trophy in person, and he can get the export certificate right away. He does need a vet certificate for the...
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    Veterinarian in Fairbanks to certify trophy for export

    Hello, Looking for a vet in Fairbanks to certify a trophy for export by an international hunter. Thank you! Sergey.
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    Guide discount on optics?

    Does anybody know a place that offers guide discounts on optics? Thank you!
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    What to do if bear claims your kill?

    Hello everyone, I am planning a Caribou hunt in the arctic this fall, and have been reading a little about big bears. What is the correct thing to do if a bear claims your carcass or meat rack, and you can't get it back? Does it happen at all? You'll end up coming out of the field without all...