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  • Hi Snyd. I saw an old post you made on 325wsm. You mentioned you shot 1600 rounds through three 325wsm rifles. I’m just curious, was that 1600 rounds through each rifle? An apprentice at a local gunsmith said I will only get 300 rounds out of my Kimber and ABolt(325wsm) and will need a new barrel. Browning said I’ll easily get 1000. I’ve read in forums that a few folks have gotten two and three thousand. So far I’ve shot 400 rounds through each with no noticeable change in accuracy. Let me know- that is if you care to remember that far back.
    Howdy, Sorry I'm so late seeing this. But, at any rate. It wasn't me that shot that many rounds through the 325wsm. Just my pistols.

    Hi Snyd - I connected with tightlywound1 on here and he recommended I reach out to you for some possible tips on DS203. I just finished reading your post from 2006 - awesome story! Really hope to be able to connect on a ram with this tag. I scouted areas to cross the Delta last weekend and took a peak over into Jarvis as a possible backup plan. Right now I'm leaning towards hunting the Black Rapids Glacier side of the unit. Time constraints didn't allow me to get back in there this past weekend. I've been spending a lot of time on Google earth. Have you scouted that side of the unit? Do you know anybody who has? I'd appreciate any insghts that you may have - thanks.
    Hi, you don't know me. I saw a video a while back and I pretty sure it was yours. I bookmarked it on my iPad but i did an update and in the process I lost some data. Is there any chance I could get a link to the video of you shooting a single action .45, and a converted .454 RedHawks? Your friend was shooting a Magna-ported .480 Advantage SRH. You were both busting rocks. I am considering a .460 Rowland, a .480 Ruger SBH or a .480 SRH. If I get the SRH I'll have the barrel shortened and I wanted to see how his recoiled with the ports. Thanks
    Thanks for the info I have a couple of Bowen Red Snakes. That is a RH with an anaconda barrel. 44 and 454.
    I apologize to you for my posts in the 500 S&W thread. I do get quite annoyed at the hog wash that guy spews coupled with the fact that he has zero experience to supports his postion

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