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  • Grand indeed,,Randy
    It's been a good season so far for me, got a little Jake this spring,then wanted to hang my second tag on the boss gobbler in the area but he was way to smart for me, always next year I guess.
    Missed my only chance at an Antelope with my bow, shot a nice little raghorn 5 point bull with my rifle, had some great days Chukar hunting with close to 3 months left to hunt em, also have a very sweet archery Mulie hunt coming up in a couple weeks.
    hello I don't think I have your email, I have a real good herbal remedy one of my guys forwarded to me I think you would like to add it to your library, very informational send me a email and I will reply with it use subject herbal remedies [email protected]
    I was out of buck tags so I was out for coyotes or does - passed some does as I was hoping a big buck was around and I could get my son on it. He was at another farm and muffed a real dandy - perhaps B&C - shot one of its brow tines off so he has that for a prize! SOUNDS LIKE YOUR DAD GOT A DANDY! Good luck on the blacktails - wish I could get one of those hunts under my belt for sure...
    Did y'all hunt the 1st gun season this weekend??? I wasn't able to make it back to my farm in Pleasant Hill, IL for the gun season but am headed back that way for a late season Xmas bow hunt... My dad hunted my farm and killed a 187'' mainframe 10 on Saturday afternoon(Yesterday)... Im headed to Kodiak next week for blacktail with my bow... Hope the wind dies down for ya'll back home... take care and hope to hear from ya...

    Alright, ya got me licken my chops when you say mule deer! I took one with a bow in New Mexico on an elk hunt - small 2 x 2 but it was hard earned! I wish you luck - hopefully I will still get a decent muley buck down the road! Shoot straight!
    Hi Slimm! Sure was a great weekend - I hope to have many more but if not it was sure a grand way to wrap up a bow hunting career!
    How has your fall hunting went my friend?
    Good Evening Pinehaven,
    Sweet little gun for sure - I opted for the longer barreled XLR in 45/70 and just love to shoot it. That thing stacks the 325gn Hornady's like unreal! I sighted mine dead at 100 / apprx 8in drop at 200 for a recent moose hunt as I figured I may end up with a 25 yard shot more likely that a 250 - didn't get either unfortunately. Still a little unsure how well that bullet would handle a moose's shoulder but I would love to find out!
    hi smokey; this picture is a wyoming coyote taken while hunting elk. my little rifle has taken 3 elk with 3 shots, and will always be a favorite hunting gun!
    hi there smokey....nice pictures .... i just had a quick questions .... cause you look familiar.... were you ever in benicia ca...just wondering...thanks much....
    DAM !,good looking bucks in the pic's!!! beats my hang wt 235LB 8pt WI (1979)white tail hands down!!! corn fed,and taste!!
    after to many beers and a big late nite campfire....we'd have to offer the hat up to the fire god's :)
    Hi Brian,
    I am not the best on a pc for sure, I have never cut and pasted anything yet. It is a word txt, I was hoping to just transfer it somehow so that it would already be open - perhaps the cut and paste is what I need to do but I do not know how to do that?
    I had it attached but on my pc for some reason I get a screen that says I need to insert a 2002 disc to make word open, I get a couple windows that pop up when I use word and I just X out of them and go on into word - well when I attached my story anybody else that was going to open it was going to get the same windows popping up - so I didn't want that confusion on their end...
    I can retype story as long as it won't time out as I am nbot too fast and it will take me a spell, I tried in edit but it got me with the 20 min limit!
    Is there a limit in the main body when doing a new thread?
    I am much better with a gun! :)
    I'm not sure that I'm following. Is the story in a Word document or other sort of saved file? Do you want to just cut and paste it into the body of a post, or do you want to attach it so that other folks can open and read the file if they so choose?
    Let me know if you can't find the dist for this - they sent me a very prompt email and good comments - seems like a reputable business. Two of my Canadian friend hunters swear by using cow in heat urine......
    Thanks for the info... I will check that out. I know that most of the "fresh" stuff has to be stored around 40 degrees. Wish me L U C K
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