Sly Angler

Picture an English man sitting in a cottage behind an old desk with a typewriter on it surrounded by balled up paper as he works on his opening lines to a new book. That is how I look trying to describe the whole mystery behind the About Me section on facebook. First off I will say that I would never be that man behind the typewriter with the writer’s block. I would be the man with writer’s block behind the laptop with spell check running because I am terrible with spelling. I am a very happily married man with two beautiful daughters Ella and Olivia. I know most people now days say that they are happily married but I can say without a doubt that when I see my wife and my head gets dizzy my heart pounds it way up into my throat, friends I am happily married and totally in love with the woman of my dreams. The best way I can describe my relationship with my wife is one that every young girl dreams of one day having. That is right my wife is one very luck woman to be married to me. I owe everything I have to my beautiful wife and awesome daughters and I am very thankful of them. I am in the army and right now I am sitting on 8 years of service to this fine country. I love the military and the daily challenges that arise. I like to be pushed and challenged to do things that I did not or could not think possible. I am a thinker and a planner and surprisingly I do not have the first idea of what I want to do when I grow up. I have so many ideas of things that I want to or could do but when it all comes down to it I panic because I am not sure that is best for my family. My curse is that I am a planner and without having my future planned out with benchmarks and time lines to follow I am afraid that I will fail. If you want to know in short the whole About Me section well here it is. I put other people before me and I always do that. Seeing people happy and knowing that I put them in that situation to become happy is the best feeling for me. I like to entertain and I like to be around people. I am a talker and I have always been. I feel that the more I talk to people it lets down their guard and I am able to better get to know people. I am a man and I love to have the good jobs and the great work when I apply myself and get something done. I am not a glory hog but I pride myself to do good honest work. I have recently found out that I am closterfobic and I hate crowded areas and small closed spaces. Sorry N.A.S.A I am going to have to pass. When I get nervous I laugh a lot and I tap my foot. I am a proud father and my biggest fear is that of failing my family or losing them. I am a hard worker and I still work hard when nobody is watching. If you do not know me you should because I will promise to bring smiles to your faces.

I Love to Hunt and Fish, I Enjoy Camping and the Great Outdoors Freedom is not the right to do what
Anchorage, Alaska, United States


The Reel Turner!!​