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  • I will turn 62 this month and just put in for my Social Security. A lot of companies tried to get me back to work here in Fairbanks but I turned them down this summer.
    My old Grumman this summer will get its first Camo job.
    Over the years this makes my 2nd Grumman 19’ canoe. Had a older Coleman Scanoe 16’ I used excellent canoe .
    I retired in 1998 Sept, from Fed. USA, never looked back , they gave me 42 years in different sections of the USA GOV. service .
    I am concerned about going back up river like on the Yukon or Tanana River with a moose load. I have always been in the Chena and small rivers with the 9.9.
    Do you think I would have a problem going up river in the big rivers ? I baby my canoe for a 40 year old canoe great shape !
    be really interested in picking your brain on adding power to my upriver game... 12 times I've lined 15 miles up... half without power, the other half with a 2.5 suzuki.... the HAS to be a better way, and I'm not as young as I once was. 6 hp four banger? mount it side?
    hey Sid

    Like to pick your brain a bit on this up river game.

    I've lined a canoe 15 miles up river ten years now. Most years I used a 17 foot wennona... several years without motor, then went to a 2.5 for the ox bow sections.

    This year I jumped to a 20 foot old town freighter... 2.5 struggles.

    Still works for the ox bows... but with the high water this year I could have run far more river with more power.

    It would add 20 pounds to the side of my canoe(I side mount)...

    next issue is depth. with the 2.5 my skeg is not much lower than the bottom of the canoe... difficult to get going sometimes, but once it "bites" I do ok.

    The 6 hp would need to be mounted lower.... maybe with a cav plate?

    I run a 20 inch now... was considering changing the mount so I could use a 15 inch... get the balance lower...

    Any thoughts much appreciated.
    Sid, I saw you post on some of the threads and it seems that you might have experience with UHMW on a 19' Grumman canoe. After dragging and come-a-longing my way out from a moose hunt last year, I am wondering if UHWM might make the dragging a little easier. What is your experience?

    Thank You,

    Hey Sid, you still got the10/22 stock? Would like to buy it if you can mail it to Takotna, AK 99675, I'll of course pay for shipping, thanks, clinton
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