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    Porcupine River up the Sheenjek-Any logjams Obstructing Travel Upriver?

    My huntin buddy and I are considering running up the Porcupine River and up the Sheenjek to hunt Moose. Years ago, an acquaintance of mine from work, showed me a video of them making the same trip. They managed to cut their way through a logjam on either the Porcupine or lower Sheenjek. I spoke...
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    Best of The West-Ethics of Bear Hunting

    I just watched a Best of the West episode where the hunter shot a grizz at 500 yards in the head. They were hunting out of Stephanlakelodge, Alaska...wherever that is located. I'm personally not a big fan of long range hunting primarily because followup shots on moving animals at distance can...
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    Lapua Brass Quality

    I thought I would pick up some Lapua brass for my 30-06s to see if it is really better than the Winchester brass I usually use. I received 100 pieces in the mail today. I weighed 25 pieces of Lapua brass and 25 pieces of Winchester virgin brass I bought a few months ago. The Lapua had a weight...
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    Powder Comparison Results in 338 Win Mag

    I've been doing some load development these past few weeks with two of my 338 Win Mags and working up a load for a co-worker's 338 Win Mag. In the past, I have had excellent accuracy with the following load in four 338 Win Mags. 225 grain Barnes X/TTSX bullets fueled by 67.5 grains IMR 4350...
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    Blue Dot and Accurate #9 Temperature Sensitivity Test

    I posted this on a different forum but thought I would share here in case it proves useful to someone else. I wanted to test the temperature sensitivity of Blue Dot and Accurate #9 in 10mm but couldn't do so using my Magnetospeed chronograph as mine is the V2 version without an adaptor to attach...
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    New Dan Wesson Bruin 6 Inch 10mm

    For those of you who are 1911 10mm fans, I just saw a link for this posted yesterday on another forum. I've been considering a 1911 10mm with a six inch barrel and if this model is the same build quality as Dan Wesson's Valor and Silverback series I'm buyin one. Black finish, steel frame, wood...
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    Status of Montague Island Deer

    I haven't hunted Montague Island for deer since the year following the big snowfall which according to ADFG resulted in a 60% mortality rate. So, I called the Cordova ADFG office today (907-424-3215) to see how the population is progressing. Charlotte and Samantha were both out but another nice...
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    Glock G40 Finally Being Shipped

    For those who are interested, I received an email from FedEx this morning telling me my shipment from Smyrna Georgia (G40) will arrive on Monday, August 3rd. I ordered mine directly from Glock under the Blue Label program back in February. If my G40 is being shipped, there must be more on the...
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    Black Bears and Trichinosis

    Steven Rinella discusses how he and his film crew got trichinosis from eating a black bear from the Alaska Range. Funny ending too. I always knew to cook bear meat really well but had no idea how trichinosis works. Originally posted by Frostbit on The Accurate Reloading Alaska Forum...
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    Prince of Wales Basic Deer Hunting Strategies

    I'll be hunting Prince of Wales from 2-15 November for deer and I've never been there before. I've hunted Montague island 5 times but the deer numbers are still low there so I decided to try Prince of Wales. Just wanted to see if anybody with experience hunting the island had any advice on...
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    Froglube Longterm Performance?

    Rancid Crabtree's excellent post comparing different products for firearm lubrication and corrosion protection has really got me thinkin about trying Froglube. I've read other posts on other sites where some people are having problems with Froglube migrating into trigger groups etc. and gumming...
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    Etip vs TTSX

    Anybody had a chance to shoot these in a side by side comparison? I'm most interested in knowing which is the better penetrator. Thanks, Sep
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    Black Bear Hunting...PWS vs. Kenai Peninsula

    I'm planning a black bear hunt this spring with a few buddies and just wanted to get some feedback from fellow black bear hunters. I called a biologist in Homer and got some good info from him and will be calling the one in Cordova next week. Where do you prefer to hunt...PWS or the Kenai...
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    Dan Wesson Performance

    I'm interested in buying a Dan Wesson revolver because of its ability to swap out barrels of different lengths. This way I can carry one with a 4" barrel for backup while fishing and hunting and swap out the barrel for an 8" one for strictly handgun hunting. My question is have any of you bought...